Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crafty Ideas

We have been working on a couple of crafty gifts over the last few days that I am excited to share! First up...a cute little arrangement for 7's second grade teacher made out of school supplies. It has dry erase markers, erasers, scissors, rulers, glue dots, magnetic tape, post-it notes and lots of candy canes. We taped the school supplies to a regular wooden kitchen skewer and arranged the skewers in a Christmas tin filled with a styrofoam insert. My son had a great time helping with this one. Check it out!

Next up....I am giving my 18 year old nephew cold hard cash for Christmas. It is what he wants, but I just hate handing over money with no fanfare. So, I sent out a call to all my girlfriends to see if they had any cute ideas for giving kids cash. I have already done the money in the kleenex box and a money sandwich, so I was looking for something new and different. I got several great ideas, like cracking open walnuts, putting money inside and gluing them back together. May have to use that one in the future. For this Christmas I finally had a bit of a brain storm and came up with a new one that I haven't seen on-line. I thought I would share it for any of you that might be in the same boat.

I bought a couple of big bags of multicolored straws ($1.49 at HEB). I cut the straws into thirds, which is surprisingly very similar in length to a dollar bill. I rolled the $1 dollar bills into tight, tight rolls and slipped them inside a straw. I have about 1,000 straw sections in a shoe box. It looks colorful and fun...but the best part is that it is going to take him forever to find the straws with money and then he will have to get the dollar out of the straw, unroll it and hope it doesn't stay rolled forever! Definitely not going to go into a vending machine! This will keep him entertained for a while and I do hope it gives him some laughs! Should be fun!

Also, a little celebration in our house this morning. Today is the 26 year anniversary of me and my hubby's first date! December 17, 1983. We were just babies back then. I can remember it like it was yesterday. He picked me up in his sister's red Firebird. He left it running in the driveway so it would stay warm. My mom thought that was crazy, but I thought it was super sweet. We went to El Palacio for dinner and they had these paper placemats with some Spanish/English word translations. I quizzed him and we laughed so hard over his mastery (or lack thereof) of the Spanish language. Guy took three years of Spanish in high school and could barely say taco! Then we went to a movie - I can't remember what was playing but I do remember holding hands in the theatre. After that, we went to Big Spring Park and walked out to the bridge. Hubby had two Alabama sweatshirts in the car that we put on because it was colder than we thought. We matched - it was so 80's - but I was smitten. It was on that bridge 26 years ago that we had our first kiss. Eight years later on the night before we got married he called and asked me to meet him at Big Spring Park. I thought he was getting cold feet. Turns out, he still had those two sweatshirts and we put them on again and walked out to the bridge again. Best pre-wedding EVER!!! Oh, makes me swoon now just to think of how romantic that was!

What a great walk down memory lane this morning - makes me feel young again. Or, very, very old - 26 years is a LLOONNNGGG time! Young or old, I am a very lucky girl.

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  1. Trying this but money shows through straw!!