Monday, December 14, 2009

Favorite Traditions

What is it about traditions that just make a family feel like a family? Yesterday, was the annual Christmas Sugar Cookie day at our house. It was insisted on by all the boys. It is not even that we love eating sugar cookies so much, but it is the process of rolling out the dough, cutting out the shapes and decorating the cookies within an inch of their lives! It is surely one of the most favorite traditions my kids love about Christmas. Thinking back, I guess we have set aside one weekend morning a year to make sugar cookies since 13 was a baby. The production has ramped up in recent years, not just with the number of cookies, but with the detail and design. It used to be that I could roll out some dough, kids could grab a cookie cutter, sprinkle on (or pour on) some colored sugar and they were in the oven. Destroyed the kitchen, but it was relatively easy.

That is no more. About five years ago, when 13 started loving sports as much as his father, we started cutting out a few football helmet shaped cookies. May seem odd, but it is College Football Bowl Season and in this house that is a pretty fantastic time. So, we used frosting to decorate a helmet or two with a solid color and put a name or number on it. It caught on like wildfire. Now, over half of our Christmas cookies are helmets! Yesterday's production required nine different colors of frosting, decorating tips, samples of helmets to copy, etc.
So, in the beginning we would get some laughs about the gingerbread boy who was absolutely covered in a mountain of sugar (oops) or the Christmas tree with so many M&Ms on it and there was hardly any cookie to hold it together. Now, it is trying to get the colors right, the face mask to look like a facemask, the logo to look remotely like a logo. We are certainly not that good at it, but they are definitely looking more and more like actual football helmets! Definitely a different kind of production. About the only thing that is the same is that the kitchen is destroyed.
Here is a sneak peek at some of our creations! See if you can identify some of the teams!

So, maybe our Christmas Cookie day has changed and is not a "traditional" tradition, but it definitely feels more like Christmas around here now!


  1. We decorated sugar cookies yesterday too! My teenagers weren't so up for it, but they reluctantly decorated a tray of cookies!

  2. We make cookies every Christmas Eve and then have a contest to see who has the best cookie and they get to open a gift. Tie every year. It's my kids favorite thing. Love the football helmets, awesome!