Friday, December 11, 2009

Food Fight

So yesterday evening I launch my Blog, full of ramblings about how I love my life, kids are the bomb, husband makes me happy - and then a FOOD FIGHT breaks out! In my own kitchen! It was mayhem! Husband threw a cucumber slice at 7 (that is the youngest) ...7 laughs so hard that there is a possibility he may never be able to catch his breath. 7 turns around to walk away and husband throws another cucumber slice at him that sticks to his back. If he was laughing before, well now he is absolutely hee hawing! It was so funny!

Then it wasn't.

13 (that is the oldest) gets in the mix, red pepper slices and baby carrots are being tossed. I will admit that I participated in some vegetable slinging as well. Then, Husband spills an entire cup of Sprite on the table and floor. People are still throwing and walking through the spilled Sprite. Mom goes ballistic. Children can't figure out why she is so mad. Then the laughing is over and the mopping and cleaning commence. Then I made them pose for a Christmas picture and it went downhill from there.

Good times.

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