Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Houston, we have a problem....

The problem is that I got a new camera for Christmas and I am OBSESSED with it! I am afraid it is to the point that I am going to have to try to find a support group of some kind. I can't work, I can't clean my house, cook, shower (Kidding! But not really! Well sort of kidding! Let's just forget I said anything about showering!) Really, all that I want to do is look at the pictures I have taken with this camera. I am not a professional photographer, not even an amateur photographer really. I do however love pictures of my kids and probably take way more than most folks.

I make on-line KodakGallery photo albums of all of our family events to share with our family in Bama. It keeps them in touch with the boys and their activities. I will admit that sometimes it is a bit overkill. I sent out a KodakGallery photo album of a garage clean-up we did a few summers ago and caught some real flack for that. It was a serious overhaul of the garage and there were some great before and after pictures. I guess enough is enough.

My poor sister-in-law said it is embarrassing that she has more pictures of my boys than she does of her own two girls. What can I say, I like pictures. I haven't taken very good ones until now. Now, I just point and shoot this Nikon beauty and it is practically ART!! is grass...up close, beautiful grass and I am just in awe of it.

These berries...are you kidding me??? Look how the bush behind it is all soft and out of focus. LOVE THAT!!! I didn't do it on purpose - wouldn't know how to do it again.

The grass from a distance. Look at that...I find it so amazing that the tree limbs in the forefront are soft and the background is sharp. How do you do that????

My husband's chin whiskers - taken from the passenger's seat of the van with a zoom lens. The man is a saint. If the roles had been reversed and he had pointed a zoom lens at my chin or chin(s), whatever the case may be, I would have left him on the side of the interstate. Probably hit him with the camera and then left him on the side of the interstate. Might have even run him over. Seriously DO NOT take an up close picture of my chin.

But look at the detail in this picture - you can see each individual whisker. So cool!!!

And this sunset picture just makes me happy. There is a "sunset setting" on the camera and you can point the camera directly at the setting sun and get a totally cool shot like this. Driving 70 miles an hour down a Texas interstate snapping shot after shot through a dirty windshield. I probably took 50 pictures by the time the sun actually set and I know for sure I was having a hard time seeing! Now it is hard to pick which picture is the best. I can't delete any of them! I particularly love this one though, with the car cresting the hill and the huge fireball of sun that looks like it is melting.

It is going to be hard to be in the same house with this camera and get anything done. I haven't had the heart to tell the dog that there is actually a "pet portrait" setting on the camera. I think in exchange for a piece of cheese, he may be my most willing subject!!!

So, let me issue a warning to anyone reading this that might be local. Don't be alarmed if you see me roaming the neighborhood with a zoom lens! I will try to stick to fascinating plants, animals, objects, children and not chins!! If I take a picture of your chin, you may hit me with the camera and run me over with your car!!!

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