Monday, December 28, 2009

We've Been Horned

We went out of town for the holidays and returned home tonight after 10 days on the road and 13 hours of driving. We were road weary and exhausted. Where did we go you might ask? We went to God's country, more commonly referred to as Alabama. We have celebrated Christmas with our family and that definitely included the exchange of various football merchandise such as SEC t-shirts, Alabama jerseys, Crimson Tide hats, glasses, and autographed memorabilia. It was glorious to be out of Longhorn country for a while and walk among some other Bama faithful. We even watched a DVD of the SEC Championship Game today on our drive home. It was even more unbelievable watching it the second time. Who was that offensive machine that showed up in Alabama uniforms? We so hope they show up one more time for the big National Championship game on January 7th!

As we made our way back to Texas today, and the Longhorn logo started showing up on trucks and shirts, we whispered quietly about what kind of plans we can make for the game. We concluded that since we live smack dab in the middle of Longhorn country that we will just lay low and cheer and/or cry together as a family the day of the big game! It will be hard to be a Bama fan here whether they win or lose!

We pull into the driveway at dark - so happy to be home - crap falling out of the van as the doors opened. Everyone grabbing something to carry in and making their way into our dearly missed home. We turn on the kitchen light and what do we see, but this....

and this....

and this....

Our home had been defiled and defaced by the very good friends we had left our house key with. They were supposed to be taking care of the cat, but it looks like they had a little fun while they were here. We are finding Longhorn merchandise all over this house! A can opener in the utensil drawer, a mug in the cabinet, a bag of chips in the pantry, a pen on my desk, a picture frame with their children's picture! What we didn't notice until about six trips out to the car to unload was this exterior decoration on our house.

WHAT??? Oh no they didn't! And to top it all off - the damn cat was still alive!! Seriously!

We had some great laughs about this Longhorn welcome home and assume we will continue to find Longhorn surprises all over our house! For now though, we might have to reconsider who we leave our house key least until football season is over!!!



  1. Do not feel alone, for I am with you. ROLL TIDE!

    The flag is the topper though, hilarious!

  2. LOVE it! What great friends to think of such a way to welcome you all home! Now, find all that LONGHORN stuff and have a bon fire before the big game! ROLL TIDE!