Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Reality

Is it possible that tomorrow is Monday morning of a regular work week? Say it isn't so. Please tell me it is not time to get back to work, the real kind where you earn a paycheck. I am not ready to plow through emails, process mods, pay invoices and am most definitely not ready to face the challenge of learning a new purchasing system my company is implementing in a few short weeks. It is going to be HARD! And then there is waking sleepy boys, packing lunches, nagging about homework, checking grades. The thought of a new chapter of 8th grade Algebra starting is really enough to send me under my desk to suck my thumb. Why is math so HARD?? Then there is football practice and basketball practice and games on weekends. I have a work trip I have to take in a couple of weeks - WWAAAHHHH!!! It is good to know I have such a positive attitude about these challenges that lay ahead, isn't it?

Actually, I am going to vent my frustration and anxiety here on this blog and then I am going to let it go. Whooooo, that is the bad air and stress escaping my lungs!

I actually do feel pretty good and refreshed after this holiday season. It has been memorable, busy, productive and relaxing. Seems contradictory, but when it last such a long while you get to experience it all.

I have mentally checked out of work for a while during this slow time, used the down time to complete some on-line training that as been hanging over me. I haven't tackled the real work, but I still feel pretty rejuvinated. My Christmas decorations are put away for another year, house is clean, my new calendar is filled out and waiting on my desk for the work week. I am relatively organized and calm. That is as good as it is going to get before Monday morning rolls around! Bring on 2010 and all of its challenges! I think I am ready.

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