Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Eagles Have Landed

Real, live, out in the wild eagles!!!! Hubby read in the paper this week that a pair of bald eagles had come back to Llano, Texas for the fifth year in a row to nest. After Chip's basketball game this morning, Hubby suggested we journey on over to Llano to check it out. We all moaned and groaned because we thought it would be a big fat waste of a Saturday afternoon. He didn't really know where they were, the article just said they were on the side of the road about 9 miles outside of Llano. We figured we would be on a wild goose chase. We have been trapped in the car on a couple of those and it is not that fun.

We could not have been more wrong!!! We found the nest and we saw the eagles! We actually saw them fly in and out of the nest about seven times in the thirty or so minutes we were there! It was majestic and spectacular and awesome.

In other interesting minivan rolled over 100,000 miles while we were on the way to Llano. What are the odds that you would have your camera in the car when this happens. Pretty neat!

So Llano is about 60ish miles away from our house. Like I mentioned, we didn't really have any specific directions, so we just headed that way. When we got close to where we thought it might be there were several cars pulled off the side of the road. We were not sure, but stopped the car to check it out.

Is that huge mass in that tree the nest? We are not sure. Oh wait, something is moving on top of the nest. ZOOM IN.

Oh my goodness, it is a bald eagle. Just sitting there looking around. We were thrilled. We thought that would be the high point of the viewing and we stood there staring at it for a long time. Kids start losing interest after about four or five minutes and they start wandering down the fence line. Pretty soon they come screaming back with some exciting news.

A deer carcass. Isn't that nice? Boys, whatever you do, don't look at the endangered species and majestic symbol of our proud country, look at deer guts and bones. Seriously! Harold (that is 13's new blog name) took my camera so he could get a few pictures of their discovery. They were like Indiana Jones on a mission to document their gruesome find.

Next up, they find the leg of the poor deer. Seriously gross! What else is out in these woods besides eagles. Do we have some mountain lions or something we should be on the lookout for?

Out of the blue we look up from the deer parts and we see an eagle flying in. We are all so excited. It was HUGE!!

It had a fish in its talons! This is like watching Planet Earth in person! It was so exciting!

It landed in the nest and the two adults went to town working on that fish. We later saw two baby eagles stick their heads up, but it was difficult to get a picture.

Away they went, again and again. Bringing back sticks, fish, and some things we couldn't identify.
It was quite a thrill and we felt really lucky to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. On the drive home, we were recounting how cool it was to see them and Chip says "Don't forget about the bones and guts". Nice.

Hubby says "Everyone say it together now. Thanks Dad for bringing us out here - it was really cool." It was. He was right.

Hope your Saturday was also spectacular!


  1. Wow! That was totally awesome. I copied your photos and I am hoping I can crop with Picasa and bring them in even closer. Lovin your blog and photos, please keep them coming. I don't know if Harold and Chip, names, will stick with me. But I will try to adjust just the same. Nash and Jewjew were always ones I will remember.

  2. Very awesome!! Thanks for sharing.