Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Made It

Good news...the plane didn't go down! I made it in one piece! Had a really happy pilot on the first leg of my travel. He came on the intercom like this:

"Heeeelllllloooooo folks! I am yooooooooouuuuuur captain today and my name is Tom Something or Other (details are hard to retain on the little white pill!). It is going to be a BEAUUUUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL day today". Really dragging out words like he was a game show host or something.

It was at this point that the stewardesses were rolling their eyes like they were in pain and would like to bust down the cabin door themselves and throw him out the cockpit window. It only got worse, which may have been why their eyes were already rolling! He gave us a very detailed weather report, including what he watched on The Weather Channel when he woke up that morning. He may have mentioned something about lake levels and included the number of feet they were low. As a bonus, he also gave us a trivia question - What is the biggest city in Texas that does not have an interstate running through it?" For any of you trivia buffs, the answer will be at the bottom of this post. I would put it upside down like they do on cereal boxes, but I don't know how!

Anyway, lots of folks were getting kinda perturbed with this pilot fellow, but I loved it. It brought me some comfort to know the man flying the big metal bird was in a terrific mood. Folks like that don't want to plunge 25,000 feet to their death. I hope I get him on the way back!

In addition to dreading the flight, I was also dreading training on the new work system in the office. Turns out, that wasn't terrible either. The absolute worst part of my entire day was putting on pantyhose. Seriously, who invented those damn things and why haven't they been banned already? Outside of that, the training went really well and although I am a bit overwhelmed it wasn't as bad as I feared. That is nice, when things aren't as bad as you thought they might be.

I talked with my hubby tonight and they are holding down the fort. Not really. They are so busy with school, lunches, practices, homework, grocery shopping, pictures, etc. they have hardly been at the fort! Things might be a little worse than he thought, but I am sure there is a cosmic rule that it can't be nice for everyone!

I have had a relaxing visit with my Mom and Dad in the evenings. It is not often that I get them to myself. We have gone out to dinner both nights and neither night was to a place with a drive thru! That is living! One night at dinner, my Dad got to telling stories about the fist fights he used to get into as a kid. Fresh stories for me that I had never heard. It was comical and may have to make an appearance in another Bob Chronicles blog!

For now, I am going to head to bed. Need to rest up to wrestle with those pantyhose tomorrow!

Trivia Answer: San Angelo.

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  1. Glad you had a fun pilot and good flight.

    Saw this joint on the food network. Now, this is a way to get the boys their FAVs. They have one in your neighborhood.