Monday, January 4, 2010


I am alone in my home for the first time in ages. It is gloriously quiet. Just the click clack of my hands on the keyboard. No TV, no yelling, no doors opening and closing, no one needs me to get them a drink, find the remote, referee an argument or clean up a mess.

I feel like laying down in the middle of the floor and just listening to the calm. But, then the stupid dog will come over and lick me and I will open my eyes and start to see all the cobwebs up in the corner of the vaulted ceiling and the peace will be ruined. I am just going to sit here and breath. Or maybe play fifteen or twenty games of Bejeweled Blitz. DON'T JUDGE - it is relaxing!!!

The calm won't last for long that is for sure! I have worked a long, long day today. Still have a sink full of dishes and I haven't even started cooking dinner. Tomorrow is a school day so it is baths and backpacks tonight! But also early bedtimes - LOVE THAT!!! I might get to hold the remote control tonight!!

Biggest Loser starts tomorrow! Set your DVRs! That is some quality television!

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