Friday, January 15, 2010

It is FRIDAY!!!

Can I get a Hallelujah!! Fridays are just the best. After a long week of work and school, it seems like on Fridays we are always in great moods, nice and relaxed and looking forward to the weekend. This Friday night is no exception. The only downer tonight is that it is cold, windy, rainy and downright dreary in Texas tonight. Even nasty weather can’t ruin a Friday night around here. It is perfect for a big ol’ pot of Chicken Noodle Soup and a maybe a family movie night. Fireplace roaring and everyone snuggled up under something soft and fleecy.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well Norman Rockwell it isn’t. The Chicken Soup is finished and on the stove, that much is true. But 13 really only likes the chicken, 7 only likes the noodles, and I am the Chicken Noodle Surgeon that tries to fish out their favorites from the pot. I know I should force them to eat it all, but it is Friday and life is good, so I will allow them their pickyness. Hubby will eat it all. For me, I am trying to starve myself after another stalled week at Weight Watchers. I may have to actually stop eating so much and exercise. Makes me so damn mad!

On this fabulous relaxed Friday evening, our oldest son has just given us a play by play of the first fight he has ever seen in middle school. Sadly, it happened today in his classroom between two guys that he is friendly with. Not sure how it escalated, but boy did it. There were punches thrown, tables overturned, campus police officer called, YIKES! Stop talking - that is not relaxing, that makes me very, very tense.

Thank goodness we have our energetic younger son who was able to lighten the mood. How you ask? Well, first he stripped down to his undies. Then he proceeded to demonstrate all of the new gymnastics moves he learned in PE today. I swear there are only so many times you can watch a donkey kick and still act excited. Watching him try to do something called the tripod was almost painful. I think he was trying to balance on his forehead, one arm and one leg. It was a hot mess and it looks like something was going to snap. He must have not listened very well to how to do that move. He does have down pat the diving rolls which really seem to be his best move. He nailed the move several times, but I could really do without him diving on the couch so hard. It moves like six inches every time he dives on it. It will be out in the front yard shortly. The hands down winner for funniest gymnastics move this evening has got to be the one he calls the pencil roll. Lay flat on the ground, arms stretched way above your head, toes pointed and you roll sideways across the floor. I am sure it will work your core tummy muscles like nobody’s business, but jeez it looks weird. I think the PE teachers made that one up. Good for some laughs that is for sure.

I am going to wrap up this post, go break up the Xbox Basketball tournament that 13 and his Daddy are having and see what movies are playing. Keep your fingers crossed that there is something even remotely entertaining in the PG arena. Cannot watch Alvin and the Chipmunks again or I will shoot myself.

Happy Weekend! I hope your Friday night is fabulous!!

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