Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Litter Boxes

Litter boxes are the most disgusting thing on the planet. I loathe the litter box and subsequently have very ill feelings toward the cat that makes use of it. My chief complaint is that the litter does not stay in the litter box. It is bad enough what happens within the confines of the box, but does she seriously have to dig and cover so fervently that half the litter ends up outside the box on the floor. When you hit the bottom, stop! No amount of slinging or digging is going to cover it any further! So in my house you can't even think of going barefoot in the laundry room. It is like walking on tiny nasty rocks. Gross, Disgusting, Hate it.

Outside of the litter box, lets learn a little more about our family feline. Here is a little synopsis of our pet cat Rosie and her idiosyncrasies. She is a nine year old grey tabby cat that cuddles only when she feels like it and lets you know she is done by biting you. She sheds hair like crazy and has a nasty habit of cleaning her privates when ever and where ever she pleases. In caring for Rosie, the number one rule is that you must make sure that her food bowl never becomes empty. It must always have food or she consider it her sole responsibility to notify you of its depleted state. She does this with one of two methods that she has perfected over the years. She will either scream and cry like her tail is being stepped on by a two ton elephant OR heaven forbid she eats the last bit of kibble during the night then she must implement method two. Method two requires that she immediately trot upstairs to a darkened bedroom. Once there she must begin pulling on all the metal dresser drawer pulls so they click and clack until one of her people wakes up screaming in a fit of rage. It can get kinda ugly, so it is best to give her a little extra food before you go to bed. She also has a small problem with water in bowls and the drinking of that water. The problem is that she doesn't like drinking directly from the bowl. She first likes to fight the water with her paws. Picture a cat putting its paw in a goldfish bowl and rooting around to catch a swimming fish. This is what Rosie does each and every time she drinks, resulting in a huge wet mess all over the floor. Once she has adequately soaked the floor and beaten the water into submission, she gently licks the water from her paws. Outside of those few quirks, she is great and you almost don't even know she lives here.

Why isn't there a Cat Whisperer? Why can't Cesar Millan have a sister that knows cats?

Here is a quick picture I just snapped this evening of our snoozing Rosie under my desk. She apparently hasn't picked up on my bad vibe because she is constantly under foot and in close proximity to me. Perhaps the old adage, keep your friends close and your enemies closer is in play here. Animals are pretty savvy in the ways of survival.

She does have one redeeming quality and that is she keeps my feet warm under my desk. And, I guess the kids like her too. Geez, I guess we have no choice but to let her live out her natural life with us. How long do cats live anyway???


  1. Hi Melissa,

    There *is* a Cat Whisperer consulting service. Check out http://www.thecatbehaviorclinic.com and Mieshelle Nagelschneider.

    Good luck!


  2. I can't believe with the men in your house you don't have a lovable cuddly dog. C'mon!! Your boys need a big yellow lab or a golden retriever.

  3. Some good and bad news. First the bad. Felis silvestris catus may have an average lifespan for 14- are you ready? to 20 years or longer. Now the good news, if you put your Felis silvestris catus outside you can shorten their lifespan significantly. I have the G-2 battery run sweeper and I just adore how it gets my cat litter up. It's a snap and it has made my feet happy, as I too hate feet crumbs. My cat's like spilling the bowl of water on the floor, so I use a very deep metal bowl with vertical sides and fill it half way to weight it down. They still put their paws in it but no more real flooding of the floor. And if they start pawing at the water, and I witness the behaviour I use operant conditioning which seems to work great. But you must see the cat doing the act. When you see the cat pawing at the water, pick up the nearest shoe and throw it at the water bowl. Does the trick! After about 4 times, the cat won't even get near the damn bowl. And as a matter of fact, I have less pee balls to scoop. A win...winn situation. Hope this helps!

  4. Click here to see the G-2 in action!