Friday, January 8, 2010

A National Championship for the Tide

Wow, last night was a huge night of football at our house. My family woke up this morning looking like a bunch of drunks after pulling an all night binge. Well, maybe that was just me! Anyway, outside of the wine bottle that I apparently almost went through we are all tired and drained from a late, late night and from willing the Tide to pull out a win. I still can't believe it is over. What a terrific season. Here is a peek into our private little party:

Yeah, we pulled out a few Bama things to cozy up the den with! Maybe we even made a couple of posters before the game to put around the house. The kids were decked out in their Bama gear!

Youngest son might have gone a little crazy with the eye black, primarily because he missed his eye and circled his sweet little mouth instead. Pre-game jitters will do that to you sometimes!

There was food - there were balloons - there was screaming (lots and lots of screaming), yelling, cheering, telephone calls, texts, jumping, cavorting, maybe a little bit of praying. In the end, even as bad as they played, the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Texas Longhorns and went home with the National Championship Trophy! A glorious 14-0 season.

My little Tide fans were absolutely, completely, EXHAUSTED!

As the saying goes back in Alabama:
If you want to go to Heaven,
and walk the streets of gold,
You have to know the password,
P.S. Bob survived the evenings events - I think he even watched most of it live. There were however a couple of times during the game when I called and it seemed like he might be drooling or slurring, but I think it was just the pills talking. My mom only had to call once to say "Talk to your father. I think he is going off the deep end!" This morning he was bright eyed and bushy-tailed and enjoying a terrific Friday Sports section of the newspaper.

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  1. Congrats on your team's victory. Found you on can't say I'm a fellow 'Bama fan. Anti-fan is more like it.

    Curious as to why? I can sum it up in one sentence. "I've been a Miami Dolphin fan my entire life!" That should clear things up! LOL!

    Dude, I read your post about your quiet day. I'm in my 50's now and the kids are all young twenty-somethings. My house has been empty for years's empty even now.

    You'll LOVE IT! It's so nice and quiet here, just as you experienced. Very nice....

    So congrats again. I'll follow along with you on my reading list. Best wishes on your writing. Me and my friend have certainly stepped out of the box with our blog.

    Harder than quitting cigarettes? I think so! :)