Sunday, January 10, 2010

Real Life

The glow is still hanging on from the big game, but it is time to put the game behind us and get on with real life. "Real life" for us this weekend includes a basketball game, an outside water leak, catching up on work, a flag football game, the dreaded Algebra homework, a timeline of our 3rd graders life due on Monday, catching up on laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

Of all of those, the water leak is certainly the unexpected smack in the face from life that is inevitable. The rest is just the regular stuff. Help is on the way for the water leak and hopefully we haven't drained the local water reserve with the water we are leaking out into the street. I don't think it is too bad cause the water pressure inside seems to be fine. Of course, I know absolutely zero about plumbing and probably jinxed the entire repair by even uttering the words "don't think it is too bad". If history serves as any indication, the leaking pipe will be under massive tree roots, under a boulder, through the sprinkler system, require some dynamite, a back hoe and a crane. We are notoriously lucky at getting the "that has never happened before", "it doesn't usually take this long", "whoever set this up did it wrong" awards. We collect them.

I also took the opportunity this weekend to get someone to come out and check the roof. Every other home in our cul-de-sac has already had their roof replaced after a terrific hail storm we had last spring. I have been dragging my feet on this one, but it is time. Hopefully, it will go smoothly and require only one really hard day of enduring the endless hammering. Poor dog is going to go crazy! While I was on the home repair kick I also called for a regularly scheduled maintenance check on the a/c units. Crazy, I know! May as well get it all done while I am thinking about it. Could be a recipe for disaster or it could be that some necessary items get marked off of the "TO DO" list. I love marking things off of a list. I get that from my Dad.

So I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful and that your week ahead is not too painful. For me, I hope we don't add any new "awards" to our collection and that the house is in better shape after we work on it than before we started!!! Wish us luck!

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