Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reporting In

After my pledge yesterday to do some form of exercise I thought I would report in on my accomplishment. I jump roped a little bit - a total of 250 times up and down I think. I am guesstimating a bit because I was a little oxygen deprived and my counting may have been off by a couple one way or the other. Also, for the record, when you are 43 years old jump roping is not as fun as it was when you were 10. In fact it is down right hard and a bit painful. My youngest son has watched too many episodes of the Biggest Loser with me and any time the jump rope stopped he started yelling at me like Jillian. "Keep moving lady. Don't let that jump rope stop!" I almost tied him up with the jump rope and threw him in the closet. Lucky kid that I was too winded to struggle with him. I just gave him the evil eye, which is exactly what I would do to Jillian.

I also hit the floor and did 50 crunches and 50 butt lifts. I am sure there is an official name for butt lifts, but I don't know what it is. Probably something with the word "glute" in it.

As a finale, I got out the old resistance bands and pulled and twisted and stretched and moaned. At one point I was doing some arm lifts over my head and I think I was holding the band incorrectly. The reason I think that is because my elbow almost snapped in two at the joint. It hurt. Would have hurt worse though had I let go of the band and smacked myself in the face with it.

Anyway, the whole affair probably took 20 minutes or so, and I looked like a doofus the entire time. However, it was moving my body against its will and I am satisfied with that. I am a little sore across the top of my arms so mission accomplished.

What exercise did you do yesterday? What have you got planned for today? Fill me in!


  1. No exercises yesterday. Had to be at the high school to help set up concession stand for the basketball game, then attended a booster club board meeting, helped clean up the concession stand and close it down after the game - quick run through McDonald's at 9:15 for a bite of dinner. Home and bed. I am doing a little better today - I have actually walked around the office a couple of laps nothing to get my heart rate up, but may mirror your exercise plan this evening; that is after I do the grocery shopping after work. Does grocery shopping have any cardio benefits? If not, it should. I think that it should be considered weight training. Lifting to the grocery cart, lifting to the cashier belt, lifting back to the grocery cart, lifting to the van, lifting out of the van, lifting to the pantry. Whew! I am winded just thinking of all that lifting!

  2. Good job! At least it is a start. I have been seriously contemplating the Wii fit and exercise program. Although, I feel it probably will be a waste of money and really not benefit me much. Don't know too much about it other than when I tried it at your Mom's house. I tried the demo of skiing at Best Buy the other day and it didn't seem to really do anything. So maybe I will just stick to walking the isles of Wal Mart. When I am there I try to walk for at least 2 hours. The pace varies between slow and fast. And I am definetly sore when I finish. I agree with Andrea that lifting 25lbs of cat litter. a gallon of milk, OJ, canned goods should do something.