Monday, January 11, 2010

SPAM Fried Rice

This post has had me chuckling to myself for days. There are a couple of reasons this topic of SPAM fried rice is so entertaining to me.

First of all, SPAM is one of those things that I am kinda sorta embarrassed to even put in my cart at the grocery store. SPAM has gotten such a bad rap that most people turn up their nose at even the mention of the word. I grew up eating it in my mom's super fantastic family favorite fried rice recipe and never realized it was such a scorned, cheap, processed meat until I was much older. I always just thought it was good. Served with a side of dill pickle and it was a delectable delicacy in our house. Now I am going to post for all the world to see that my family eats SPAM and we LOVE IT!!! I am ready to stop hiding my SPAM behind a big box of cereal when I check out of the grocery store. We should celebrate the SPAM that is so easy to keep as a staple in your pantry. With just a few other ingredients that I always have on hand I can make one of my boys favorite meals in just a few short minutes.

The second reason this post makes me laugh is that I am huge fan of Pioneer Woman's website and she does these amazing recipe posts with step by step pictures. Well, you all know I got my handy, dandy new Nikon for Christmas, so guess what??? What follows is a step by step tutorial on making the Wish it Didn't Have SPAM In It - SPAM Fried Rice recipe. I wonder if Pioneer Woman would be proud of me or deeply embarrassed that I am using her technique to demonstrate SPAM!!

As I mentioned, my mom made fried rice often when I was growing up. I am not even sure where she got the recipe or if she made it up herself. I will have to ask her! Her recipe was filled with tons and tons of veggies. Sadly, over the years the massive amounts of vegetables that my mom used to include in her recipe have faded away at our house. Before we had kids, my hubby used to eat the original recipe that was my moms. One day he said, I would really like this better if it didn't have onions in it. Out went the onions. As my oldest son has aged, he has requested the elimination of the cabbage and carrots. Now it is down to just a few ingredients. What follows is their very current favorite version of this dish.

You start with a can of SPAM! Don't be embarrassed - let's start a revolution. It is cheap, keeps forever and seriously tastes great!

When you take the SPAM out of the can it will be a solid chunk. For this recipe, you should slice it and dice it until it is in really small cubes. Toss it into your skillet and set the heat on medium high. No oil or grease required in the pan - it will cook up kinda like bacon. When it starts cooking I start hearing calls from all over the house "Are we having Fried Rice tonight?"

You should stir it around until it starts to get a little golden brown on all sides. Don't overcook it - it should look something like this.

While the meat is cooking, pull out your handy, dandy rice cooker if you have one. This makes the best rice ever! Has that kind of sticky thing going on like at a Chinese restaurant. I love that! I usually fill this sucker up and make as much rice as it will hold. Not sure the exact measurements, but this isn't an exact measurement kind of recipe.

While the rice cooks away, turn your attention back to the yummy pan. Take three or four eggs, whatever your preference, and crack and scrambled them in a bowl.

Also have on hand, the other stars in this recipe. REAL salted butter and...

Light Soy Sauce

Scootch the meat to the side of the pan, add a little pat of butter and let it melt. Dump in the scrambled eggs and get to cooking them. Try to keep them separate from the meat. It just doesn't look as nice if the meat and eggs get mixed together at this stage.

Once the eggs have set up pretty well, you can mix the meat and eggs together. It is at this point in my cooking that the boys have made their way into the kitchen and asked for a piece of meat. I usually fish a couple out of the pan and feed them like birds. They do this with all kinds of things. Just need a taste to hold them over.

Check on the rice, make sure it is good and done. If your kids are standing next to you, you will probably have to give them each a mouthful of this too!

Dump the rice into the skillet. See, it is alot of rice.

Add about a 1/3 stick of butter and as much soy sauce as you like. Stir it all together until the butter is completely melted and all the ingredients are combined.

At our house, the finished product looks something like this. Now yell "Dinner's Ready!" and get out of the way.

Boys like this one....

and this one will knock you down getting to the table.

This really is one of their most favorite meals. They often take leftovers of our fried rice to school for lunch and I tell them if anyone asks it is HAM fried rice. It looks like ham, right? No sense getting them ridiculed at school over their family eating potted meat!

I hope you venture into the Secret SPAM eaters club! You don't know what you are missing until you try it!!!
There probably won't ever be any other recipes posted on this blog so don't be afraid to come back!!


  1. OMG...too funny! I have never heard of your Mom's SFR. Sounds good to me. I love Spam as well. I just slice it thin and fry it til it is krispy then lay the slices on paper towels to absorb the healthy oils...LOL! Then melt some of your favorite cheese on top and place those succulent Spam slices between two slices of bread slathered with mustard. Now, that's a sandwich!
    On one trip to the beach, I packed Spam. Of course, while frying it most of the family turned their noses up and muttered obcenities that I was actually going to eat Spam. As I waited for the Spam to drain on the towels, your Brother decided to try a small piece. I was laughing because I knew they would make faces and fun of my meal but to my surprise the Spam slices slowly began to disapear. Then I heard someone say...'Is there anymore Spam left? Yeah, that's the day I learned that most people will eat Spam secretly. They sneak a piece here and there while no one is looking. When you get back to your platter of Spam, you find one slice left and you ask...OK, who ate all the Spam? Long live the Spam!

  2. I know what we are having for dinner! Although my family still favors all the vegetables (and I can sneak them in without anyone knowing that the recipe contains cabbage). We have often replaced the SPAM with chicken and/or shrimp too! I bet Mom never thought that she would be fondly remembered for her SPAM fried rice!!

  3. When I was a kid I used to love a broiled Spam sandwich on white bread with mayo. I haven't had it since I was 12 or 13. I'm gonna have to get some on my next trip to the store.