Saturday, January 23, 2010

Swinging Makes You Smile

I had a rather stressful day yesterday. That is such a catch all statement, but honestly I had been away from my computer for almost the entire week and the work didn't take care of itself in my absence. I had tons of emails to go through and it seemed like most of them required an answer or response from me. Where to even start. Deadlines, proposals, everything seemed very overwhelming. At one point I emailed my boss and told her I was having heart palpitations and could be experiencing my first anxiety attack. She asked how she could help, because she is awesome like that. I asked if she could shoot me with a tranquilizer gun and wake me up in February. Hmmm, I might need to go back and make sure she emailed me back a smiley face or something. She is so dang organized and thorough, there is probably a veterinarian sniper in my yard now waiting for a clean shot to bring me down.

Anyway, before school Chip (new name for 7, because 7 just isn't working for me!) was filling me in on how awesome his swinging skills have progressed. Last thing out the door in the morning he said "Mom, can we go to the park right after school so I can show you?" I said...Sure - it is Friday!

Of course, the minute he lays eyes on me after school he wants to go to the park. I have an important teleconference at 3:15 and tell him I need about 30 minutes. He gives me the skunk eye and pouts for about 15 seconds. He tells me he will have a snack and then we will go. Good plan. In fact, it was a great plan.

About 3:45, we are hand in hand, walking to the park. My trusty new camera around my neck. It was absolutely the most beautiful weather EVER!!! About 75 degrees, sunny, no humidity, breezy - GORGEOUS!!!

Chip has been able to swing for a good long while, so I was a little curious as to how he felt he had improved. He gets on board.

He pumps with more gusto than I have ever seen. That is certainly one improvement. Then he shows me the real awesomeness...

He launches himself at the height of the upswing.

Big smile. Getting some serious air.

Feet touching down.

Safe landing. I wait for him to stand up and do a "TA-DA" and thrown his hands over his head in triumph like an Olympic gymnast. He doesn't. He heads right back to do it again.

I asked him to pose in a tunnel for me. He was very compliant and didn't even fight me on it. I think this fresh spring like air is good for everyone's attitude. Mine included.

He has definitely mastered the swing.

I worked on my photography. This physically hurts me...look at these little hands. The little hand that still isn't embarrassed to hold Mom's hand on the way to the park. It is always a little dirty, the nails always atrocious...but absolutely precious. I wish I had taken more pictures of their little feet and hands when they were teensie weensie. I would treasure them now.

Complete concentration on building up a big pile of rocks to launch himself into.

Dirty knees and dirty hands usually means Chip had a great day. I am so glad he made me join him. It was the highlight of my day too! Maybe we can go back again today!

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