Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tension is Mounting

If any of you have been living in a cave you may not be aware that Alabama and Texas are scheduled to play in the College Football National Championship game in just a few short days. You can't hardly turn on the TV or read the newspaper without seeing or hearing something about how the two teams compare. I won't go into the specific strengths and weaknesses, but will just summarize it by saying that I think it is going to be a great game between two really good football teams. I hope the hype doesn't disappoint and I really, really, really, really hope that Alabama prevails. I don't care if it is a bad call, a trick play, a last second Hail Mary - just win the game boys!!!

We are trying to keep a lid on the excitement around our house, and haven't really discussed it much. Being planted in the middle of Texas, we have definitely had our media blitz from the Texas side, so it has been a little easier to tune out the hype because it is for the opposition. However, last night we got a glimpse into the life of a diehard Bama fan living in the frenzy of Bama country.

That glimpse came in the form of an email from my Dad, Bob. This is what the email said:

First I have to tell you I am getting really nervous about this whole Championship Game. This is not good for this old mans heart. With that said here is how my initial plan works out. I get up early, eat my typical bowl of mini wheat's followed by a banana. Wash that down with about 8 cups of coffee. Hit the treadmill for about an hour and hit the shower. I will get my game clothes on which is the exact shirt, pants, shoes and hat that I wore for the SEC Championship game. I know that will give the Tide an advantage.

The hoopla buildup for the game starts at 4 here locally. I think I'm going to skip most of this, again thinking of my heart. But at 4 I will take a half of one of my anxiety pills. This will probably not have too much affect on my anxiousness but every little bit helps.

The next step is a little tricky and I'm not sure if it will play out this way. I will set the TV's recorder to record the game. At 7 the game begins and I take the other half of my anxiety pill. I will then set about doing/watching anything except the game. This will be tough but great on my nerves. I will ask that no one call me during the game. I will ask that IF Alabama gets an insurmountable lead that I be notified by everyone and at that time I will start watching the game. After the victory celebration I will go back and watch the game from the beginning.

Of course all this might change but it keeps me kind of stable leading up to the game.

I wonder if this is weird to other people. To me, it seems perfectly normal and reasonable for a game this big. In our house you had better hope you are somewhere comfortable when your team does something good because you could be required to stay there for the rest of the game. On the off chance that you were maybe out in the garage, or heaven forbid standing on one leg trying to reach a paper airplane stuck up on the top of the curtain rod, you might have to hold that position until the end of the game. OR, until something bad happens and the good luck spell is broken. That is really the only way to keep the good luck going for your team. It seems weird to even write it down that where a person stands in their home in Texas has any impact on a game that is being played in California, but I am here to tell you it DOES!!!

So, Thursday will be a sacred night of tradition, superstition, and most hopefully a great football game by the Crimson Tide! If not, here is the response my oldest sent back to his Grandpa:

My game celebration will consist of nothing but tears of joy and on the small, small, small off chance that the Tide is outrolled I will be packing my things, getting on a train and heading to Mexico for the next thirty years of my life.

This is serious stuff!

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  1. OH how I LOVE college football! Just got off the phone with hubby to discuss our dinner plans before we plant ourselves in our lucky spots in front of the HDTV with surround sound to watch what I hope to be a very well played game by the Crimson Tide! You guys know that you are always welcome to Tennessee if BY CHANCE the Tide does not pull this one off! ROLL TIDE!