Friday, January 29, 2010

Uncomfortable Situations

Today I have experienced a couple of weirdly uncomfortable situations.

First, Roof Guy comes over to give me the final estimate on getting the roof, screens and gutters replaced. We had to go outside to measure one more area of the roof for gutters and that involved him walking through the backyard with his little measuring wheel deal. After we are done, we come back into the kitchen and the first step he takes on the floor we realize he has stepped in dog poo. Big ole' boot print of doggie poo on the kitchen floor. Great - I am embarrassed and he is totally mortified. I am all "It is no problem, I have two boys, this happens all the time, etc." I stumbled all over myself and I think made it sound like I practically enjoyed having dog waste on the floor of my kitchen. He is apologizing all over himself. I am wetting paper towels to wipe it up and he is taking off his shoes and walking sock footed to the front door to put his shoes outside. It was a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

Thanks Astro - appreciate your little deposit creating that moment for me. Little did I know that "uncomfortable" would be the word of the day.

This afternoon Chip had a new little friend over to play after school. They got along great and I thought for sure they would play together again. That is until the boy's mom came to pick him up. She was lovely, very nice to talk to and she came early and we visited for probably 20 minutes or so. The bad part came when Astro, our beloved family dog came over bugging her for some attention. He is adorable and she was loving on him and he was eating it up. He had already cause me one bit of embarrassment today, but little did I know he was about to do it again. What I start to notice as she is petting and scratching him is that wads and wads of his hair are coming out. The hair is all over the floor and all over her. Enormous amounts of hair. She was petting his back and raking big wads of hair onto the floor. He was leaning up against her pants and massive amounts of dog fur was sticking to her pants. MASSIVE - like a solid sheet of hair.

I said "Get out of here Astro, she is going to be covered with hair." What I am thinking to myself is Good Lord, don't look down at your pants, you will not believe the amount of hair that stuck to your legs. What do you do? She acted like it didn't bother her, but she probably went home and went straight for the lint brush.

Thanks Astro for having such a luscious coat of fur. New rule at our house - no one pets the dog. EVER.

To wrap up Uncomfortable Friday, we went out to eat at a local little Mexican restaurant. It isn't our favorite, but there wasn't a wait and really we just wanted to get in and out. As we are sitting enjoying our meal, the Mariachi band comes into the room where we are seated and starts belting out some music. Why is that so uncomfortable? I don't ever know whether to look at the band, talk to the people I am eating with or stare at my plate. You just keep eating, right? It is supposed to be entertaining, but for me just uncomfortable. Thankfully, this situation didn't involve my dog, but honestly I couldn't wait to get out of there.

All I can be thankful for is that it is Friday. Uncomfortable Monday or Weird Awkward Wednesday would be too much to bear. Friday, even weird and uncomfortable, isn't too bad!

Have a terrific weekend!

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