Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Win Another Award

Doesn't this look yummy? It is the 2 foot hole that Plumber Joe had to dig in our yard today to fix the leak. Interesting tool they use to find a possible leak under your grass. They stick this long thin pole into the ground and when the hole gurgles out water they know they are getting close. So anyway, Joe pokes around until he hits this spot and water just spews forth from the hole. He thinks this is where he should dig. He says we are pretty lucky that he was able to locate it so quickly. I am not feeling particularly lucky and have this sinking feeling that this is going to be bad. I leave Plumber Joe alone to dig and head into the house to eat some chips.

Off topic a little bit - I have come to realize that my stress food is chips. I had a pretty stressful day today and I kept finding myself pulling out the chips. Over the last couple of weeks, I have tried a couple of the Weight Watchers techniques like phoning a friend when you are stressed instead of eating. I have called my girl Mary (names have been changed to protect the innocent!) with chips in my mouth. She yells through the receiver for me to put them down, but I am crunching too loud to be able to hear her. I have also tried choosing something different, like baby carrots in place of chips. Not the same. Not even close to the same. As also suggested by Weight Watchers, I have documented that when I am stressed I am reaching for the wrong food. I know it is not because I am hungry, but because if I don't eat some chips I might put my head through my computer screen. Anyway, mental note made - chips are what I reach for when my day is getting out of hand. What I do with this mental note remains to be seen. For now, just know that chips are the devil and should be banned from this house forever.

Back to the hole in the yard...Plumber Joe gets busy digging this hole. He looks up at one point and I am standing there with my new, fancy, smancy camera. Let's just say that he wasn't thrilled. I had honestly tried to take some pictures from inside the house, but it felt so weird to be snapping shots from inside. At one point I was pointing my camera at him through the living room window and he looked up right at me. I wanted to drop to the floor and hide. Then I thought, well this is just ridiculous - walk out there and take a picture. So I did. I didn't disturb him too much and he thought my camera was nice.

He uses this opportunity to tell me what a difficult job it has been to dig this hole and tells me it is full of roots and rocks and an even an old plastic cup. I tell him to keep it up and I head back into the house to work on the proposal that has me more stressed than the leak in the yard. About 20 minutes later there is a knock on the door. It is Plumber Joe and surprise, surprise, he says the words that I just knew were coming..."I have heard of this before, but in the ten years I have been a plumber I have never seen it. I think the roots are inside the pipe and working their way out instead of in." Give me my award - put it in the books - we have another one for the Wall of Fame! If it paid to get awards like this we could have retired by now!

He gives me the options, one of which is thousands of dollars and requires digging a whole new line and replumbing a bunch of stuff. I nix that one. Not enough chips in the world to deal with that. Then he says he can cut this repair a little larger and see how invasive the roots are. This option won't cost any more and then he can get a good close look at it. After a quick call to hubby, we go with Option 2. I give Plumber Joe the decision, grab a few chips, and get back to work.

So, Plumber Joe goes about the business of cutting and refitting, repairing, regluing and refilling the hole. The roots were just right inside the fitting and don't appear to be as invasive as he thought. The repair is done.

A handshake and a sizeable check later, I am thanking Joe for his efforts. He gives me one final parting bit of advice. The next time you call someone out to do repair work on your house you might want to take that Alabama flag down. My father-in-law is a plumber and he always jacks the prices up on people who root against his team! Thankfully, Plumber Joe had a set price list and was not a Longhorn fan! It would have been good advice given a little too late!

I am off to find a frame for our latest award! Have a great day and stay away from the CHIPS!!!


  1. You are going to win the blogger of the year award for your fantastic blogs. I do have a question about this particular blog. You said you ate potato chips. When did you start allowing chips in your house? This I found hard to believe. Anyway, please continue blogging as I am always checking to see if a new one is out there to read, and ENJOY!

  2. Good point made by dad! I would have thought that chips were banned from your house as well (But that is for another post)! I thought for sure that the plumber was going to tell you to get the chip grease off your hands before shaking hands! Funny that he would mention your bama stuff! LOVE IT! Keep 'em coming!

  3. CHIPS? I didn't know we had chips. Son of a !