Friday, February 19, 2010

Bold Proclamation

Hear me now - I am boldly announcing in front of God and my four loyal readers (thanks for letting me know you are out there!) that I am swearing off bread for the next thirty days.

Starting tomorrow and for the 30 days following, I am not going to eat bread. Not giving up carbs entirely, just the evil food group that is bread. No toast, no sandwiches, no dinner rolls, no pre-dinner bread at restaurants.

It will be hard, but I can do it. Please count yourself lucky that you don't live with me, because the first few days could be downright difficult!

If I fall off the wagon I will report it immediately on my Blog for the world to see. I mean for my four loyal readers to see. Thank you for allowing me to publicly announce my goals and intentions.

March 21st can't get here fast enough!!!


  1. If you need support for this adventure you can call your little nephew in Fayetteville as he hasn't eaten bread for 7 years.

    Is bread that bad for you? Seems a little drastic but knowing you I feel confident you will make the 30 days even though it will be hard. Good luck and put me down as one to call if you need some encouragement.

  2. Please think it over. Giving up all bread when you seem to really enjoy it could have disasterous effects. You may crave it and miss it so much that you will gorge yourself when your 30 days are up.. Try eating half as much, or eat it once a week. Anytime, I say I'm giving up something, I am plagued with endless thoughts of that food. I think of it in the shower, on the toilet, driving, watching tv, and even begin to have dreams about it. I have been known to awaken in the night and go after that food and eat it without regret. No, I was not sleep eating. I just awoke, and said...yep, it's time to eat those chocolate brownies. Maybe moderation would help. I love bread as well but won't buy it. I do buy the 15 grain type. If I go to Logan's I will devour baskets of their steamy, tender, yeasty smelling baked dough rolls. I think they put Cocaine in them. LOL! Good luck!