Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farewell Buzzer Beater and Hello Dinger

The weather here in Central Texas has been absolutely gorgeous today! The kind of nice where you just keep looking up at the glorious blue sky and soaking in the warm sun on your face.

We started this morning off with Chip's final basketball game of the season. The Nets played an awesome game and Chip closed the season off with a game ending buzzer beater. We were lucky enough to catch it on video - check it out!


Now that is fun!

After the basketball game we hurried home to change into his baseball uniform for the first game of the new spring season. The whole family was pretty excited about getting back out to the baseball field and visiting our old friends and meeting some new ones. The kids were just as cute as ever and the first pitch couldn't come soon enough!

Chip hit the ball hard every time he was up to bat. He got out a couple of times on some nice plays by the first baseman, but eventually got the hit he was looking for. A hard hit ball to the fence in right center. He rounded all the bases before the ball even made it back to the infield! Nice hit Chip!

When he crosses home plate he always takes off his helmet as he is heading back to the dugout. Whenever he is lucky enough to cream the ball he always does his best to act all cool and collected like it is no big deal. Usually I make eye contact with him when he runs by and he gives me a huge grin like "Did you see that?" Today, when he hit the dugout I was waiting on him with my camera. Here is what he gave me.

Later in the game he played catcher. Would you look at how small that helmet is or how big his head is? It doesn't even remotely fit correctly.

During his stint as catcher he got in front of a bad pitch and it hit is face mask. Because it fit so terribly it cut his chin. He was sure to have me take a picture of his injury.

Harold has taken over as the team scorekeeper for his Dad and this was his official score keeping debut. Cardinals win 9 - 2. Great job Harry!

It was a really nice afternoon to be outside and a win to start the season was just a bonus!

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