Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From the Vault

I have kept a number of emails over the years that still make me laugh when I read them. I have decided that every once in a while I am going to put them on my blog to relive some of these memories. I hope you enjoy a peek into the past with me. Let's start with this one that I sent out to my family after Chip's second day of Kindergarten.

The Chip Kindergarten Story begins:

Day One: Walked into school like a champ – no tears – no looking back – just walked in like he owned the place. I was waiting outside when he walked out of the door and he looked exhausted. I hug him.

Mom: “How was your first day?”
Chip: “Hey Mom – thanks for the new mat.”

I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about – but he meant the new nap mat that came with his school supply kit. Apparently, very cushy and he liked it. He told me that he did almost cry on the way to Art because he was missing me. Later in the afternoon...

Chip says: “Seven hours seem like twenty when you are in school.”

Day Two: Woke up – said he didn’t really want to go to school again. I told him I would go to jail if he didn’t go to school. He said “FINE – I’ll go!” Not too happy – but charged in there again – kiss for mom and then no looking back. When I picked him up today, he had a little more pep in his step. He said he almost cried again because he loved me so much and missed me when he was at school. My little cherub. We were walking to the car and he was telling me about his day.

Chip: “Mom, Ms. Cheung told us about the class rules. There are Green, Yellow, Red and Blue circles that show how you act. If you are good, Ms. Chueng has a smile and you get to stay on Green. If you make a bad choice, (he makes a serious face with an eyebrow raised) she looks at you and you have to move your name to Yellow. If you make another bad choice (he makes a mean, angry face) she gets angry and you have to move your name to Red. If you do it again (makes a mean, angry, growling face) she gets really mad.”

At this point we are at the car and he is strapping himself in his booster seat.

Mom: “Oh, I think if you get to Blue you have to go to the Principal’s office.”

My sweet five year old Kindergartener, sitting in his booster seat in my minivan says with gusto...“Hell yeah, you do.”

I spin around and say “Chip, we don’t say that.”

Chip: “I’m not at school.”

Nice….very nice…..
It’s going to be a long year……….

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  1. Priceless...I am glad you saved those old emails. I have saved some as well. Funny reading for sure. As our brains shrivel with age, it will be nice to stroll down memory lane reading your old emails. Now that you have a record of some of those memories, we won't have to worry about remembering or forgetting.
    I have decided to start my own blog or diary. Not sure which, since my postings might not be suitable for some readers. And as I am a professional, I am obliged under the laws not to disclose confidential info. I can change names, conditions, to protect the confidentiality but I still may be subject to a law suit according to some of the info I have read. So I may just do it as emails. But I would like to share some funny stuff that goes on in my line of work. I also have some great toilet stories but who doesn't? Anyway, keep on bloggin!