Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Today, February 4th, is Bob's birthday! It is a wonderful opportunity to tell him how much he is loved, how much he means to me and how much better the world is because he is in it. Let's take a look back at a boy that became a great man.

Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl that met in a grocery store in Maryland. That boy and that girl started an adventure together that still lives on today.
They married.
The boy joined the Army.
They had a baby girl (my sister)
They survived time apart
They moved - ALOT
They were poor, but provided more than enough
They had another baby girl (ME)
They went to Germany
They traveled and explored and the little family had many adventures
They came back to the States and lived in a tiny little house on the Army Base.
They boy went to college.
They added a son to their family.
And a mean Shitzu, a hyper Beagle and a big old Siamese cat.
They vacationed with family in a big old beach house.
It was filled with sandy sheets, sandy children, crazy card games, and lots and lots of laughter.
They took their family of five back to Germany.
They rode bikes, they did volksmarches, they visited castles, played in the snow, ate tons of German food and relied on each other.
The boy's Mom grew sick with cancer and the family return to an Army post nearby.
She died.
The family mourned her loss.
She was an amazing lover of life and family and the boy shares those very traits of hers.
She would be proud.
Two years stateside and the family went back to Germany for a third tour.
Middle child's memories get much clearer at this point.
There was t-ball, soccer and softball. School dances, ice cream trucks, skating at the shop, bike rides, adventures, responsiblity and lots of chasing a little white poodle.
They came back to the states for the final time.
Retired from the military and immediately into a second career.
Teaching kids how to drive, graduations, second careers, buying their first home, vacations to the beach, Alabama football, life is good and laughter is plentiful.
The boy's Father dies in a city far, far away and we happened to be there visiting.
So hard, so painful, but so grateful for a father and grandfather that was loved so much.
The boy understands he was blessed with wonderful parents.
Kids to college, kids get married and start families of their own.
The boy is a grandfather.
The boy is an awesome grandfather.
He plays, he is goofy, he listens, he makes up games, he entertains, he worries, he loves.
He is not so good with the telling them NO part.
Also not so good at remembering his age.
He pays the price when his back goes out after playing football, basketball, and/or baseball.
All worth it to make one more memory with one more person he loves.
The boy celebrates a birthday today and looks back on the life that he has made.
He is proud.
He is blessed.
He loves.
He is loved.
Life is so Good.

I love you very much Dad.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Wonderfully written Melissa...made my eyes damp. :)

  2. Have you ever seen a 66 year old man sitting at his computer with tears running down his face? If so, you're now in my house.

    You have brought back wonderful memories of a terrific family and the life we have enjoyed together. Your comments have touched my heart more than you will ever realize and they are much appreciated.

    Thanks, your very proud Dad

  3. Made me cry, and most of all made me wish that I was Bob.

  4. I mean had the life of Bob, not his belly or skin tags, etc.

  5. What an awesome tribute to an awesome Dad! Happy Birthday, Dad! Tears are running down my face too!

  6. Happy Birthday Dad!! I was going to write something very similar, but middle sister beat me to it.