Sunday, February 21, 2010

Looking Up...Barely

I am determined after my last couple of blogs to turn up the happy factor around here. First of all, yesterday's funeral for my friend's father-in-law was lovely. All the ladies in the neighborhood came together to host a reception after the service. It felt so good to be able to do something useful for the family. Not so good to stand in heels for 4 hours, but even though my feet are still barking at me this morning my heart is completely satisfied.

I did have a little slip up on the bread front. I did great in the morning - a couple of scrambled eggs with a few pieces of center cut bacon. I was scurrying through the rest of my morning going to Chip's basketball game and making arrangements with neighbors that were dropping off food for the reception at my house. Didn't eat anything before heading to the church at 12:00. Once there we were in high action. Setting up tables, laying out food and drinks. Once we got around to eating it was probably close to 3:00 and I was famished. I made a conscious choice to pass on a roll with his fabulous chicken salsa dish someone brought. It was supposed to be a sandwich but I just ate the chicken and salsa. Great job. Then I found myself with half of a half of a Roast Beef and Brie Croissant with some kind of incredible jelly. I gobbled that thing down before I even processed the bread portion. It is exactly that kind of careless eating that I want to avoid - but dang was it good. That was my only slip up - but Day One? Seriously. Restart. Now I am going to start over and my new end date will be March 22nd.

On the upside - I walked five days in a row this week. That is five hours of exercise and it feels pretty dang good. Hoping to squeeze in a bike ride today, but it is rainy and drizzly. Hopefully it will clear up this afternoon.

In other news from yesterday, Chip's basketball team got drilled. It was a train wreck all the way. He was getting terribly frustrated. Check out this picture where he looks like he is looking for divine intervention.

After the game I said "Hey buddy, how was the game?" He looks at me like I must be blind, deaf and stupid to ask such asinine question with such an obvious answer and says "We got killed. The end." That summed it up pretty succinctly. The snacks weren't even that good either.

Last night after a long day away from my little guys I came home and made them sit with me on the couch so I could hear about their day. Harold had been to his first Introduction to High School meeting on Friday at school. I had asked him about it on Friday, but all I got was "It was fine. Can I go over to Ryan's?" He wasn't in the mood to talk about it. Well last night he was giving me a little bit more information and I got a glimpse into his future. He says "Mom, they had all of these really cool jobs listed under each of the academy's you can pick. I mean really cool, like Restaurant Manager". I just cracked up! I could totally picture him getting a job as a manager at Logan's so he could eat unlimited rolls while on the job. Not sure if that will continue to be his "dream job" - but for a kid who doesn't like food it really doesn't seem like a good fit. Let him dream - I remember that I wanted to brush horses for a living and that didn't pan out for me. Plenty of time to figure it out.

On my plate for today is no bread, but a mountain of laundry. For real.

After gathering and sorting it all in one spot you can see that it is not for the faint of heart. I wonder if I can get it all done, folded and put away? It will be my personal challenge in honor of the Olympics. I can't skate fast, haven't had snow skis on my feet since I was in 5th grade, wouldn't dream of putting myself in a sled and hurtling down a icy chute, would be comical to imagine figure skating. My partner would have to pry me away from the wall. I don't like falling down. I really don't like falling down on ice. I have done it and it hurts! So, today I will do my personal best with what I can do - LAUNDRY!! It won't be easy either - I will have to push myself! Who am I kidding, it will be pretty easy but dang it will feel good if I can catch up before jumping into a busy week ahead!

Go Me!


  1. Way to go on the exorcist, wow getting out there daily walking is such a feat, lol! Anyho, good luck with the laundry. Sometimes, I just throw clothes away so I don't have to wash them...

  2. Get used to the high school response to "So, how was school today?" daily response "I was there so it sucked." I love teenage boys!