Monday, February 15, 2010

My Two Loyal Readers

So I have been a blogger for several weeks now and I have really and truly enjoyed it. I haven't gotten very good at planning out posts or doing anything very organized. I have no idea how to make my page very cute or as elaborate as some of the other blogs I read. But, I do enjoy just throwing out some words about what is happening in my world. It is kind of theraputic and I can go back and re-read posts and it seems to be coming together as a little diary of sorts of the things going on in our house. I love that. Not sure if I will ever get all the pieces of paper I have saved for the boys in a traditional scrap book, but this is kind of a like a living scrap book of our family. I wish I would have started it years ago!

There is an aspect of blogging that is really kind of hard to get used to though and that is not knowing who is reading your blog. Maybe not so much who is reading it but is anyone reading it! I know for a hard and fast fact that my mom and dad read it, because they tell me all the time. They seem to enjoy taking a peek at what is rambling around in my old noggin. It is what parents do though - they are obligated by the fact that I am one of their own. Not to mention that they are crazy about their grandchildren and love hearing what they are up to in their daily lives.

I also know that my hubby, sister, brother, Aunt and a few friends check in on it regularly. I have had a couple of friends that have said something to me or sent me emails telling me they read something or the other. When that happens I am always a little bit surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

Sometimes when I write something, especially something like an episode of the Bob Chronicles, I find myself anxious for someone to read it right away and give me some feedback. In fact, sometimes I call my Mom or Dad and tell them I just posted something new so they will read it right away. Can't imagine what it would be like to be a published author when I get excited writing a few paragraphs about some randomness.

Usually, I have about 20 or 25 hits on my blog a day. I know that my parents probably check in about 10 or 15 times a day. I know that seems excessive right. But there are two of them and they really seem to be interested in what I have to say! So that leaves about 10 other people in this big old world that read what I have to say fairly regularly. Well, the other day I posted a link to another blog that I read and I had over 300 hits on my blog. That was a weird feeling. Knowing that people who didn't know me and that I didn't know were reading my stories. I really felt like I needed to introduce myself to them. I didn't really expect that.

In a shout out to my most loyal are a few pictures of your precious grandsons!

Let's start off with this goofball who put his two new wristbands on one arm and pulled his jacket up so it was like wearing a cast. Love him.

Then we have the sweet big brother I just told you how proud I was to have raised. Well, this is a picture of him trying to clobber his little brother with a snowball. It was short lived, but I will hold on to the fact that it was possible for them to be nice to each other.

Chip takes nothing sitting down and was lightening quick retaliating with a snowball of his own.

It was an all out snow war in the parking lot. They were both frozen and soaked when they came back inside, but had so much fun. I think they could have stayed out there all day if their mother had been a little better prepared with some heavy coats, hats and mittens. I guess I am not going to win mother of the year again. Dangit!

Thanks for letting me share my world with you!


  1. Actually, we are not oblicated to read your blogs but we LOVE to. Your talent of writng about the exploits of family and friends has us on the lookout for the next blog, then the next and then the next. It truly makes our day. As most know we are a bit technically challenged but we sure know how to get to your blogs. I have to say we have even received wonderful comments about how great your writings are from our friends, which sure makes us feel proud of being parents of a terrific writer/story teller.

    We hope you will never stop sending blogs of the Strachan family adventures.

  2. I'm a loyal fan too. I sometimes don't get the chance to read it on the weekend but I always catch up first thing on Monday. It's a wonderful way to start my day with a smile.