Saturday, February 13, 2010

NBA All-Star Jam 2010

We have kicked off the weekend with a visit to the NBA All-Star Jam in Dallas!

As we drove closer to Dallas, we started to see remnants of the 10 inches of snow they had on Thursday night. It was very pretty and the boys were itching to play in it!

We arrived at the Convention Center at about 8:30 a.m. and we were all excited to check out the long list of activities and appearances by the NBA's finest.

First stop of the morning was to see Dwight Howard and Dwayne Wade play a fun little competition with some kid size fans.

They were very entertaining and good natured. Good start to our day.

Next up we hit some of the awesome games they had set up. Here Harold sinks a dunk at a kid size goal. The volunteers that worked this event were excellent. Very much about the kids and making it fun for them.

Harold was a terrific big brother today. Chip was a little hesitant about giving the games a try and Harold hung back and talked him through what would happen. Harold didn't want Chip to miss out on the fun and after a little explaining and encouraging Chip was fired up and ready to try anything. What a beautiful thing to witness. Gives us hope that the regular fighting and arguing we are used to might one day give way to a wonderful relationship.

With Chip's new attitude, he rocked the Taco Bell Skills competition. Shooting, dribbling, bounce pass, chest pass, free throw - he did it all in about 45 seconds.

After going through a few games it was time to watch the East practice. The boys were thrilled because there were three Boston Celtics on the squad.

Big cheers for KG and Rondo!

Hey Paul Pierce - I am wearing your jersey! Go Celtics!

The best of the best walked through some plays with their coach for the All-Star game.
They finished up the regular practice and then several players started trying half court shots for a Guinness World Record.
Dwight Howard made the longest sitting down shot on record and was given his Guinness World Record plaque. It was cool.

Then we headed back out to the arena and ran into two REAL Star Wars guys. How awesome is it to be a seven year old Star Wars fan and get to pick up a light saber and pose for this cute picture. Out in the arena area we saw lots of big names walk by with their security entourage. They needed security too, because people were running and screaming to get to them. Kobe drew the biggest, most enthusiastic following. Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant also caused quite a ruckus!

Slingshot Game.

The tallest man I have ever seen in my life walked by. His name was Gheorghe Muresan who is 7 foot 7 inches. He is tied with Manute Bol as the tallest guy to ever play in the NBA. Ridiculous.

Next up a little autograph session with Kevin Love.

Then more games - Chip giving the bungee run a go AGAIN! He and Harold did this three times I think.

Lots of shoes on and off, but good fun. We stayed for about six or seven hours and did it all. So glad that we got there early because it was getting crazy busy when we left for the afternoon.

Then finally, the boys got to play in what was left of the snow!

Cold Hands, but they loved it! Funny, no coat, no mittens, no hat! We are not cold weather prepared! Tomorrow is the All-Star game - it should be fun!

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