Monday, February 1, 2010

Noisy Monday

The roofers are here and boy are they making a racket! Sadly, the shingle removal in the morning is supposed to be the quiet part. It cranks up much worse in the afternoon when they start hammering on shingles. I will have a splitting headache by the time they roll out of here this afternoon!

Astro is terribly confused, can't figure out where the noise is coming from and why I am not more excited. He is laying right next to me letting out a "hrmp" ever few minutes. He is not barking and I am appreciating that!

Only supposed to last one day. You can do anything for one day, right?

1 comment:

  1. I wish Bob and Lane were there to supervise. I hate to say it...but, I am havin bad Karma. De.. Dee.. D Dee De . Anyway, please have someone make sure they are not putting up someone else's old but in fairly good shape shingles. I know you have a web cam aimed at them. Just make sure they don't use DUCT/ DUCK tape to cover the cam. the heebs from the Craiglist experience.