Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Topics

Okay, I spent a little time this morning perusing some of the topics that I have blogged about so far. Here is a quick list of some of the general content I have felt compelled to share over the last couple of months.

1) Cat Litter boxes
2) Dog fur
3) Dog poo
4) Butt tricks
5) Kids barfing fruit
6) Food Fights
7) Mouse Hockey

Geez, when I look at that list it is rather disturbing. I think it is high time that I move on to a more intellectual discussion. What topic shall I pick. Hmmm, so many interesting things to write about. The health care system, politics, Toyota recall, stock market, the Super Bowl, my Breast Cancer Walk, fitness, marriage...the list goes on and on.

Oh wait, I have a good one....

Let's talk about those black chin hairs that seem to appear on your chin with little or no prior warning. Seriously, do they actually grow that long overnight? How do you not feel or see them before they are long enough to grab hold of and pull out? Does this happen to everyone or is it just one of my personal life mysteries?

They bother me, those chin hairs. I have two spots on my chin that seem to be fertile ground for the growth of chin hairs. I try to stay on top of the chin hair situation and check pretty regularly to see if anything new has sprouted. It is like I am trying to catch a hair in its infant stage. How does it go from nothing to big strong adult hair follicle so quickly? I have thought that if I knew I could remain perfectly still at night it would be kind of fun to put a camera on those two spots and see if I could catch one of those little suckers sprouting in the middle of the night. Kind of like those time lapsed pictures of a flower opening up. This would be a time lapse study of a chin hair coming out. Kind of gross, but I do wonder how long it takes.

Here is another problem with the chin hairs. I don't have any fingernails. Nasty, nasty fingernail biting habit that I have never been able to shake. Sometimes, I find one of those freaky chin hairs when I am driving the car. Maybe just checked that morning and by 1:00, driving down the interstate I will be darned if I don't find a big long one. What is up with that??? I of course become obsessed with trying to pull it out immediately. Cannot wait to get home and get a pair of tweezers. I keep trying to grab the little nub of hair with my little nub fingers and it is not a good combination. I can work for a good two or three traffic signals trying to get hold of that sucker. Such a great feeling when you finally pull it out. Always getting the whole thing in hopes that if you pull it out by the roots that it won't come back. Doesn't seem to be working.

I wonder if they grow back in exactly the same spot or a different spot? I wonder if I never pulled them out how long would they get?

There are a lot of unanswered questions out there. I am glad that I could do my part by bringing this topic to the forefront of your day. Go ahead, go check in the mirror and see if any of those suckers have appeared on your chin today. It happens to all of does happen to all of us, doesn't it? Wouldn't that be embarrassing if no one reading this ever got those creepy chin hairs? Surely, you have. Now I am paranoid.

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  1. Ok, hmmm...still looking, Nope! Does a long hair from my nostril count?