Monday, February 8, 2010

Party Central

For last night's Super Bowl festivities, we had another little party for four! I think we are kinda weird to go out and get decorations when it is just the four of us - but my boys think it is great! The table was set early in the day. Balloons and the whole nine yards.

Super Bowl plates, napkins and some groovy sunglasses.

We had two folks going for the Saints (Hubby and Harold) and two of us going for the Colts (Chip and Me). I honestly don't think we would have been disappointed if either of them had won. Cool that it was the Saints first Super Bowl win and who doesn't love Peyton Manning. So, although we picked sides, no one was really that attached to their chosen team.

Mostly, I didn't care who won the game, I was just interested in what we were going to eat!

Astro didn't care about any of it. That is a tired dog.

Now about the food! Yesterday I followed one of Pioneer Woman's recipes for Basic Drip Beef. Basically, it was a French Dip kind of sandwich. Put it in the crock pot early in the day and just went about my business.

Our plates started empty.

But then they were filled with this delicious, delightful, yummy, scrumptious meat sandwich. I was so excited to try it that I had already eaten almost half of my sandwich before I remembered to take a picture.

Everyone, and I mean every single person in my house ate and enjoyed this sandwich. That NEVER happens around here. For all of them to have devoured these sandwiches, either we failed to feed them breakfast and lunch, or they really, really liked them. This will definitely be something I make again.

If you aren't a frequent flyer over at Pioneer Woman's website yet, you really must. It is just a wonder of food, photography, and comedic writing. Website address is Go there - spend some time perusing her recipes. You will probably gain 10 pounds just reading them on-line! YUMMY!

So, the game was good, the food was great and BONUS.... it was over by 9:30! Love that!

In other news....yesterday Harold had a flag football game. I took my camera with me, which meant I didn't get to visit much with my girls, but I definitely got some pretty good pictures. It is a trade off I am willing to make only every other week or so. There is tons of information exchanged between moms during games. You can't be fooling around taking six hundred photographs when there is discussion about high school registration, academies, extra credit, diet schemes and a bunch of other really interesting topics. I missed alot, but like I said, I got some pretty good pictures. Here are a few of the best.

Note to self...when you are taking pictures with a zoom lens the objects in the viewfinder will appear closer than they really are. No need to throw yourself to the ground to avoid being hit by this ball that was being thrown directly at you. Yes, I did dive out of the way of this pass and it was a good ten yards away from me. Embarrassing.

Love this one - I call it Total Concentration. He is locked in.

I call this one - Great Group of Kids. These are just a good group of boys with really, really nice families. Feel so blessed that Harold is part of this little band of brothers.

Hope your Monday is off to a terrific start. It is rainy and drizzly here. I am fighting off some kind of weird throat situation. Can't talk without sounding like a croaking frog and feel kind of puny to boot. One of the days I am so grateful that I work from home. It allows me to loaf into the office sporting my fleece robe and fuzzy slippers. That rocks.

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  1. I made the PW Beef Dip Sandwiches too . . .Okay, I forgot to purchase beef - used a pork loin instead. I am sure you did the Plain Beef Dip - I made the Pepperocini version! No one was hungry after the fellowship dinner following church yesterday so we are having it for DINNER! Can't wait! I am sure the bread portion of the meal is not on my weight-loss plan!