Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pro Bowl Mania

If you are a kid who loves pro football, then there is no where on earth you would rather have been this past Sunday than Miami, Florida for the 2010 Pro Bowl. Hubby and Harold made the trip and had an amazing time together.

They did it all - Pro Bowl Street Party, visited South Beach, practically first people in line to open up the Game Day Plaza on Sunday. They got autographs, did punt, pass and kick games, watched the Flag Football championship, went to the Don Shula commemorative statue unveiling and that was all before the stadium even opened.

They ran into lots of other crazy football fans - like these three Vikings Fans! Wonder how long it took them to get all made up?
Once they got inside the stadium, they said the pagentry was awesome. Flags for each team, mascots from many teams, a cheerleader from each team. I won't even tell you how many pictures of cheerleaders they brought back, but it was bordering on excessive!
They had amazing seats on the 2nd row at about the 3o yard line. They saw lots of big names - Peyton Manning was on the side line as was Drew Brees.
They said you could really tell the guys really genuinely enjoyed playing each other. Lots of smiles and good natured razzing going on.
There was also lots of offense, which made it kind of exciting to watch. It could have ended up tied at zero and I think they still would have had a great time.

It was a spectacular father/son trip and they brought back more than just autographs and sports memoriabilia. They brought back memories that they will share for a lifetime. That's good stuff.

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