Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scars Run Deep

Today, at about 11:00 a good friend called and I answered the phone fully expecting to catch up on our day to day happenings. The first words out of her mouth were "Are you watching the news? A plane flew into a building."

My heart stopped for a split second and I was transported back to that terrible day so many years ago. I certainly don't think about 9/11 very often, but this morning it came rushing back so vividly and I was scared. Scars run deep I guess. I needed information fast. I asked questions and she told me what she knew.

When I learned that it was a small plane that flew into a local building in Austin I was hoping that it was just a terrible accident and that the pilot had perhaps lost control of the plane or had passed out, had engine trouble...anything but an intentional act to hurt innocent people.

Sadly, as the reports continue to come out on the news it looks like this fellow had a grudge or on-going dispute with the IRS and this was his solution. Fly his small plane right into the building. Where is the logic? How could this make sense to him? No other solution came to him, but to get in a plane and fly it into an IRS office building. I just have no words for how sick it makes me feel.

I don't know yet if they know if there were any fatalities. Surely the pilot perished. Can't imagine you can survive that kind of impact if he was in the pilot's seat. People were hurt and people were terrified for sure.

I think my perspective is so different now that I am a mom. What if your son was employed by the IRS. His goes to college and earns a degree in Accounting and is lucky enough to get a job with the IRS. On the daily it is his job to review company records. He finds errors, he reports them, there are investigations, people react, lives changes. It is a job and it may have cost him a life.

And being a mother I can't help but feel for the mother of the guy flying the plane. How that must cut you to the core to know your own son intentionally hurt others. Not in self defense, not to save someone he loved. It was about money. Some injustice he felt. What kind of person puts so little value on human life, even his own.

There have been so many senseless acts of violence recently in my little corner of the world. The first was just 13 days or so ago, when a 14 year old shot and killed another 14 year old at a middle school in my hometown in Alabama. This followed exactly one week later by a professor in that same hometown shooting and killing three other professors she worked with. Now this. It is too much.

There is real tragedy in the world with natural disasters in places like Haiti, people in hospitals fighting diseases they are powerless to prevent, children that are hungry, people really suffering and hurting. These senseless acts of violence are just infuriating because they are 100% preventable. One persons decisions change the lives of so many that didn't get a choice.

Let's all make a vow today to do no harm. Be kind to one another. Lift each other up. Stand up for each other. Encourage each other. Think before you act. If all else fails, go to bed - tomorrow will be a better day.

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  1. I'm afraid that the insurmountable stressors that the people of 2010 endure daily have reaked havoc on their adrenal glands.
    The normal day of a person in 2010 consists of a rapid paced day, filled with impatience, loss of respect for our fellow man and a never ending schedule of 'to do list'.
    Increased stressors leave people with a sense of loss of control. THey no longer think or act logically, their only goal is to gain back the control they feel they have lost.
    It seems the road of life is paved with more stumbling blocks, pot holes, confusing directions while the speed limit is increasing.
    The majority of people no longer are able to relax, take breaks at work, take vacations as frequently as years ago. Go back to the 60's, a time where things were slower, more time for contemplation, more time to spend with neighbors, and a time when most Moms stayed at home.
    People had stessors back then but not nearly the types we encounter now. I mean....try to get a human on the phone at any company or doctors office. All there are is recordings that say... Your call is important to us, please hold for the next available customer specialist. Yeah, if my damn call was so important then why in the hell didn't you have a human answer the damn phone. Instead it's press this for that and that for this. Then there is then time spent waiting for that human voice on the other end. Then you finally tell some smuck the whole story and they tell you...oh, you'll have to call back next week. And this is only one stressor. And it happens to be one of mine. Sometimes, I feel like I could reach through the phone and choke someone. LOL!
    People have breaking points. It doesn't make their violent actions justified, nor does it make sense but I do understand why more and more people are causing harm to others by committing these acts. These folks have lost their sense of control in their lives. The only control that pilot thought he had left was to steer his plane into the object that he perceived took his control... That's my opinion of course. Stressors cause adrenal glands to secrete more and more adrenalin. When your body is pumped up with Adrenalin you go into fight or flight mode. Some flee while others fight.
    More people need to watch some old re runs of Andy of Mayberry. That show lowers my blood pressure 20 points. And even in that show, stressors such as the 'Party line' used to get under Andy's collar. Hey... Sarah...get me Helen please....Sarah at switchboard...That's the second time today you have called Helen, Andy, says.. SARAH JUST GET ME HELEN WILL YA! LOLOLOLL!