Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Over at Kelly's Korner blog today she listed the things that she considers Simple Pleasures in life. I thought I would join in the fun and list mine here:

an unexpected hug or I love you
a great conversation with my husband
holding hands
the first smile you see on your kiddos face after school
pulling out of the driveway when you leave on vacation
the smell of clothes right out of the dryer
a fleece blanket on a cold night
the smell of fresh cut grass
the sound of my children playing nicely together
the sound of silence
the first five seconds after you lay down in bed at night
the sound of the ocean
warm sand between your toes
clean water washing sand and salt walter off of your toes
the smell of cookies/cupcakes/brownies in the oven
an empty dishwasher
when my hubby makes the coffee in the morning
a hot bath
a good book
a glass of red wine

Dang, now I am all relaxed and don't want to go back to the chaos that is work! For now, I will have to enjoy the simple pleasure of a getting a job done. Later I will get back to that bath, book and glass of wine!

What are your simple pleasures?

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