Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SNOW Day in Texas

Snowing, snowing, snowing, big, beautiful flakes...

A winter wonderland...

Picked them up early so they could play in the snow.

Not much snow on the street, but if you work together with your brother you can figure out a way to gather enough snow to play with. This method involves coolers, buckets of all shapes and sizes, spatulas and spoons. They scraped every flake of snow off of the car.

They got out the ladder so they could reach the top of the car.

Scraped the top of the garbage can. Definitely not for snow cream!

Little Chip doing the Dance of the Snow Spatula. It is an artistic display of joy devoted to the sweet, sweet magic of snow on the ground and no school. Really a sight to behold.

Catching some big snowflakes.

I got one.
This is way more fun than Algebra.

You better believe it!

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  1. Great pics, love that you all got some snow. Wish I was there to help build the snowman.