Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

I blogged recently about the adventures of bath time around our house and last night my boys ramped up bath time entertainment to levels never before seen. The evening started off pretty ordinary. We had an in depth discussion about the required frequency and necessity of baths in general. I went up and down the list of all the reasons why seven and thirteen year old boys need to bathe regularly. I am sure it fell on deaf, dirty ears and we will have to revisit my lecture again tonight. This is the very reason I cannot imagine homeschooling my children. I can't get them to understand the basics of human hygiene. How in the world would I ever get them to understand something really hard like 8th Grade Algebra? I feel like Charlie Brown's teacher "Wa Waa Wa Waa".

We eventually made it upstairs and Harold jumped in the shower and Chip got in the tub. They finished up their washing routines at about the same time and were moving on to the additional bed time routine of brushing their teeth. I was in another room putting away clothes and could hear loud singing coming from the direction of the bathroom. Nothing new around here, didn't even really faze me until I heard the howls of laughter. I finished up what I was doing and made my way back into the bathroom to find out what the ruckus was all about. Honestly, I was really just intending to nip the fun in the bud and tell the fellas to wrap it up.

What do you think I saw when I round the corner into the bathroom? If you guessed, two naked boys doing a choreographed tooth brushing dance in front of a giant mirror - you are right! Good guess!

There they were, standing side by side, naked as the day they were born, looking into the mirror over the sink. They were busting a move, in synch to the left then to right. Their toothbrushes in their mouths and each of them taking turns yelling out dance moves. It started out with "Left, Right, Left, Right". Then Harold yelled out "Sexy Pose" and they both jutted their hips out, put their hand up on their head and sang at the top of their lungs "Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, Sexy". Then Chip would yell out "Butt Cramp" and they immediately both grabbed their butt cheeks and acted like they were in agony singing "Butt Cramp, Butt Cramp, Butt Cramp." There was Back Ache, Backwards, Spin Around and Spit Break.

Spit Break was my favorite because they both, at precisely the same moment, leaned over and spit out their toothpaste into the sink. One quick spit and they went right back to their routine. They were both in hysterics laughing at themselves and each other. Seriously, what isn't funny about dancing naked while brushing your teeth?

During the Spit Break, Chip looks at me and says "Mom, go get the video camera." He wanted to capture the moment for all eternity. I promise you if I had listened to him they would both still be watching it over and over again and laughing until someone peed themselves. I am glad I didn't listen, I have enough laundry as it is.

Eventually, the racket drew the attention of Hubby and he came up to see what all the fuss was about. They had no problem reenacting the entire dance sequence for his enjoyment. The look on his face was a bit more concerned than amused. What does it mean when your offspring participate in this type of behavior? Do they teach this stuff in school? Is it too much American Idol? Is it those damn video games? All I could see was that they were getting along so well with each other. I mean, well enough to devise this dance scheme for the 2 minutes or so that was required. They were laughing, it was exercise and oral hygiene - Let Them Dance! Heaven knows their teeth haven't been that clean since their last dentist appointment.

They were finally persuaded to give up the dance off and put on their pajamas. As we are walking out of the bathroom Harold turns to me and says "Mom, are you going to write about this on your blog?" He thought it would be terribly entertaining. Especially for Mer and Grandpa. I personally hope they don't try to one up each other every night to make an appearance on this blog. We are never going to get them to bed.

However, if you find yourself in a tooth brushing rut, give this naked choreography a whirl. It worked wonders on the teeth in our house.


  1. Grandpa and Mer loved the dance blog and laughed there heads off as they read it. Love those Grandkids

  2. NExt time please video them. Too funny!