Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Box

Do you remember how exciting it was as a kid to fill out your Valentine's to your classmates? Chip did his this morning without a bit of complaining. Small miracle, let me tell you. He went down the list and did a purple Fun Dip for the girls and a red Fun Dip for the boys. Because according to Chip, purple is definitely not for boys and red is cool. He was in the Valentine mood because we finished his Valentine Box for his class party this morning. The kids were sent home last week with instructions to make a box for their classmates to deliver Valentines to at the class party. Use your imagination the instructions said. Well, for three days Chips imagination went wild. He threw out all kinds of ideas. He went from a basketball, to an XBOX, to Star Wars, I mean he was all over the map. Finally, he settled on an idea and we got to work bringing it to life!

We started with an empty Coca-Cola drink box and covered it with brown wrapping paper.

Next, Chip and his Dad painted the front, back, top and bottom a brilliant blue color.
Then the sides were painted bright red. Any idea what we are making?
Well, it is Optimus Prime of course. For those of you not familiar with a seven year old boy's world - it is a Transformer. We just tied, glued and stapled pieces of an old Halloween costume to the painted box. Super easy and Chip thinks it is terribly awesome. He can't wait to take it to school on Friday.
And until Friday rolls around, Chip has a new friend to play with! Aren't they cute?

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  1. I am guessing that Chip is going to have the MOST awesome valentine's box EVER! That is so AMAZING! Great job you guy! Dare I show daycare baby? Probably not?