Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blooms and Buds

It happens every spring. I get the rubbish cleaned up in the yard and can start to see the plants that are beginning their rebirth into a new growing season. I may have given up on all of them last summer. Abandoned them when it was 100 degrees outside for 40 straight days. But in the spring, I start touring my yard every day, multiple times a day actually, to see what is coming back, what is about to bloom, what didn't make it through the winter.

Here is what I am finding as we get ready to turn the calendar to April!

Columbine. Glorious shade loving Columbine. Always early to show off.

I counted 22 Iris buds this morning! This one has just started to show its beautiful purple color! Just a day or two more and it will be open and fabulous! Can't wait.

Lamb's Ear. What says spring more than that? So soft, so full of interesting texture. Love it.

And, you remember that vine I wanted to rip off the fence when my parents come into town. Look at the amazing show it is putting on this spring! It is absolutely covered in blooms.
It must have heard the news through the grapevine (distant cousin, I am sure!) that its days were numbered.
So, it puts up a fight and shares hundreds of these beautiful blooms. Maybe I will just trim it back severely instead of pulling it out completely. It is just stunning.

The mountain laurels are almost done blooming, and how I will miss the aroma of grape kool-aid in my backyard. It is really yummy.
Thanks Spring! I am so glad you are here!!!

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