Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Weekend was great! Crazy busy but the weather was terrific which just does a body good! Here are some of the highlights from our weekend!

Friday night - Scrimmage game for Chip and the Cardinals. Fun time, gorgeous night, good baseball. Love that!

Saturday - Started off with the first flag football game of the season for Harold. Vikings win! Great game!

Chip's baseball game was at 3:00. It was a barn burner and they almost upset the 3-0 Yankees, but fell short in the last inning. Love to watch my boys play sports.

Saturday after Chip's game we were hurrying to get to church. Chip and Hubby had to change in the car and guess what??? The A/C didn't work in the new Suburban! They were sweaty and sticky and changing clothes with no A/C was not good!

After church and for the rest of the weekend it worked fine. Not sure what to do about that?? It is supposed to be up to 85 on Wednesday so we will give it another chance and see if it works in the warmer temps. It is an absolutely MUST HAVE living in Texas!

Sunday, we headed to Main Event to help CV celebrate his 10th birthday. Bowling and best friends - it was fun!

Went home and worked in the yard for several hours. Filled up four garbage cans again! I know our garbage men will be happy when we finally get done with our yard work for the spring!

To wrap up the weekend we went shopping Sunday evening for Harold's birthday present. My baby turns 14 years old tomorrow at 7:46 a.m. WWWAAAHHHHH!!!!

Anyway, much more to write about but have to get on with my day today. Off to the grocery store then lots of work to get done!
Have a magnificent Monday!!!

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