Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Car Drama is Over

Deep sigh of relief. New car is in the driveway and old car in need of major 100K mile maintenance and other odds and ends repairs will find a new home. We feel like we got a good deal and a good car. Exchanged worries about breaking down and unexpected car repairs for peace of mind and a new car payment. It is a good trade.

Boys saying goodbye to Betsy....

Picture is deceiving....they really were jumping up and down with glee to get out of the minivan business. And Betsy had weird smells and sticky stuff...all courtesy of those same boys mind you, but still. She was a great car for the first 100,000 miles and took us on many, many adventures. I was sad to say goodbye - PLUS she had my 3 Day 60 Mile bumper sticker on the back bumper. Dang!

Now to shop for car insurance, get new TX Tag....Good Times.

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