Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chip's Mens

Chip's absolute favorite toy for the last several years has been miniature action figures that he calls his "Mens". He has always called them his Mens and even though it doesn't even make sense, we still call them that.

What do you want for Christmas Chip? More Mens
Chip, are you going to take anything in the car to play with? Yes, my Mens.
Ouch, what did I just step on? CHIP, PICK UP THESE MENS!!!!

If you look closely at this rocket, you will see it is covered in Mens.

Chip likes to line them all up on the floor.

Put them on sweet Astro's head.

He has Indiana Jones.

Jango Fett or Bubba Fett - I can't ever tell them apart.

An army of Star Wars Clones.

Iron Man. And a whole host of others.

When we went to Boston last summer, he packed his own backpack with his toys. This is what he unpacked and displayed on the window sill of the hotel when we got there! How in the world did he carry all these Mens? He probably didn't - I probably did! Between purses and backpacks it is a wonder my shoulders aren't more sloped than they are!

We find these guys everywhere! On the TV, under the couch cushions, in the bathtub, in my purse, the car, the garage. I would hate to know how many he has. What I will hate worse is when he outgrows them. Already he is playing with them less and less, but every now and again he will drag them all out and line them all up, have them battle each other, separate them good guys from bad guys. Toys are such a fleeting childhood treasure. I hate to see them go. Maybe, I will keep his Mens in the attic with Harold's old Thomas the Train set. Some toys are just hard to part with, especially for Mom.

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