Friday, March 19, 2010

Favorite Time of Day

I love mornings. Especially ones like today. I got up and met my walking buddy at 6:00 a.m. Take note that we are sleeping in a little later with it being Spring Break and all. Not sure why, but 6:00 just seems so much more reasonable than our regular 5:30 a.m. time.

We got in a great walk this morning, the weather is absolutely perfect for walking. It is a bit chilly outside, but not cold. In fact, it warmed up enough that I actually took my coat off this morning. I returned home to a quiet house - everyone is still snoozing. Coffee is brewed. Turn on the dryer. Pop a waffle into the toaster. Enjoy my breakfast and coffee. I have mentioned before that I love coffee, right? I love the smell of it, the warmth of a hot cup in my hands, the taste - everything about it. I think coffee is my most favorite part of mornings.

As I ease into my day, I can start getting my thoughts in order of what I need to get done today. Funny how it all seems manageable and completely doable at this hour of the day. Before I know it, my boys and the rest of the world will wake up and we will hit the ground running. May not actually get anything done that I planned, but for now in the wee hours of the morning the possibilities are endless!

I hope your morning is filled with promise and you get to enjoy a little calm before the storm.

Now I am going to go fold some warm towels from the dryer and maybe grab one more cup of coffee!

Have a wonderful day!

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