Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From the Vault

In fourth grade, almost exactly four years ago, Harold took a practice Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) writing test. The writing prompt was “Write a story about someone important in your life.” It cracked me up then and I thought you all might get a kick out of it now. He definitely had some work to do on spelling and punctuation – but funny!

Here is Harold’s story – misspellings and all…

My Devil for a Brother

Yes I’m the guy. You know the one with a “Devil for a brother.” His name is Chip. C for careless, H for horrible, I for iresponsible, and P for wanting to make pull your hair out! I mean Lord your with the kid for 15 minutes and he makes you give yourself “cancer!” That’s how made he can make you in fifteen minutes. Well think about poor me spending twenty four hours with the kid, he makes me want to break his neck! But you know there are some positive things about having a devil for a brother…I can tell on him a lot….I also get exercise from wrestling with him all the time. But you know what he can be very, very, very, very nice because one day I was playing a game called cops and robbers with my friends little sister. And once I got her (she was the robber) she decided it would be fun to stab me with a needle. So she did! Any boy did it hurt! But my brother said “Harold, I’m gonna beat up Emily for you.” And I said “Go for it child.” Wasn’t that nice. Well not to Emily but it was nice to me. And that is the story of…the devil side of my brother. But there is also the angel side of my brother too. All you have to do is slap him in the bottom and he will start of course crying. But after that he starts giving out free hugs and kisses! He’ll also start saying “pllleeaaassseee” and thank you MaMa. And then the best thing ever happens!......Give me an N!.....N! Give me an A!......A! Give me a P!.....P! put it all together and what does it spell?!? Nap! Yeah, all right! play ball! Whew, now that that’s over back to the facts….After Chip wakes up he usally wants you to well…um….play with him! Then you gotta go up the stairs so he can show you how to play with a lego Thomas the Train on a lego track and how to move it around. “No!” Chip usually says “your doing it all wrong!” then he has to show how to dump the loader. But I may as well live with it heck he’s three he needs to be able to enjoy life before school. Well that’s my story yep he really is a devil isn’t he?

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