Monday, March 1, 2010

Milestone Birthdays

I cannot believe that I just turned the calendar to March!! Wow, this year seems to be flying by faster than ever! March is going to be a busy month, but I am really looking forward to getting closer to summer!

We had a great weekend as you know from some of the sports news I shared with you on Saturday. However, I didn't get to mention the fun I had this weekend helping a good friend celebrate her 50th birthday. A big shout out to Connie who is one of the most gorgeous and lovely women I have the honor of calling a friend.

On Friday night, a group of girls went out for a celebratory birthday dinner at Gumbo's. We had a spectacular meal and a great time visiting with each other. Although Gumbo's is known for their seafood I had heard many many times that they had the best steak around. I went out on a limb and ordered a steak and spent the next half hour moaning and groaning with every bite. I could kick myself for not having my camera with me to take a picture of the beautiful plate! It was a tenderloin blackened with Cajun herbs & spices, topped with sauteed crabmeat with scallions and Bearnaise sauce, and served over red wine pepper sauce. OUT OF THIS WORLD! I want to go back today, tomorrow and every single day in March to eat that steak! Their Mexican Martini's weren't bad either!

In addition to taking Connie out for a nice meal, we also decided we needed to trash her yard because that is what grown women do to celebrate milestone birthdays. At least that seems to be what my friends like to do! I think it takes us back to the teen years when we TP'ed houses or something. These days we are not quite so adventurous and actually coordinate ahead with husbands so we don't have to sneak around or scramble like mad if a porch light comes on. So much easier if you can coordinate with the hubby to get the birthday girl out of the house for a while. You don't have to stay up late if you do it that way either!

The tradition all started with my 40th birthday when a few of my best friends found this hideous old portrait in the trash. She has since been named Betty Jo. Well Betty Jo has become the centerpiece for decorating milestone birthdays. She travels around to spread joy to those that might be a little disheartened with entering a new decade.

Isn't this nice? Betty Jo's mustache is particularly attractive. And seriously, a gallon of gas was only .23 cents when I was born? Dang!

Next up, was Beth's big 4-0! Betty Jo came out of hiding and apparently was cleaned up and shaved for her appearance in Beth's yard.

She looks pretty harmless, right. Well, in addition to Betty Jo, we might have put some signs out in the neighborhood that directed people to her house.

She loved it of course! And neighbors and friends driving by were just a bonus!

Who wouldn't want their age plastered all over the place so the world can help them celebrate? It's a good thing, so we continued the tradition when Peggy turned 40!

Betty Jo looking as dapper as ever!

Front door, yard and car decorated with just a few little things!

So it was obvious when Connie hit the big 50 mark that we would have to include Betty Jo in the celebration! She looked great out in the middle of Connie's yard with a spotlight shining on her.

The balloons, streamers and other decorations were just bonus!

I can't wait to see where Betty Jo shows up next!

It is good to have friends, isn't it? I love mine!

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