Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The last couple of rainy days around here we have been couped up inside. In an effort to occupy the youngest member of the family we put up his over the door plastic basketball hoop on the downstairs closet.

Chip has been wearing it out ever since. I mean hours and hours of jumping, leaping, slamming, crashing, hitting things off walls and tables in the effort to knock down some impossible crazy shots.

Watch this mom - I can lean backwards over the couch, put my head on the floor and make a shot with my feet. Really? Would it kill you just to stand on your own two feet and shoot the nice little ball like a regular person?

No, watch this mom - I can go up six stairs, crawl up on the ledge, lean way over and drop the ball through the net even if I can't really see it. Did I make it? No, honey you didn't. Well I did make it one time.

Watch this mom - I can do a windmill slam dunk and crash into the closet door. Really Chip, I would rather you not slam into the door. No, watch mom it is so cool. It doesn't even hurt! Well, maybe it does hurt a little.

At dinner...can we please, please, please play a game of PIG. Everyone in the whole family. Please!! I will never ask for anyone to do it ever again - I SWEAR!!

So we started a game of P.I.G. If you make a shot, the next person has to make the same shot and if they miss, they get a letter. When you get three letters and spell PIG, you are out.

All the best moves, major tricks, downright crazy shots were brought out for this competition.

When you made a shot you could jack up your shorts and do a little celebration dance.

When you missed, you could show your disappointment with your performance by doing this.

Chip was out first. That did not go over well with him! Next out was Harold. Old Mom was hanging in there with Dad! Dad did his ultimate shot with his face smashed up against the column and that took me down. Bear in mind, I made that crazy shot about three times before it finally did me in.

As soon as the game was over, Chip said "One more time. I SWEAR IT IS THE LAST TIME".

Yeah, right!

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