Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pretend Rocks

I found this message scrawled in chalk on the drive way today. My boy Chip wrote that. It was a half day at school today and the weather is spectacular. As if that isn't enough for a great afternoon, Chip also got to have some quality time playing with his buddy CV.

Their pretend play happened inside this tent we set up in the front yard.

All I could hear was the rustling of a bag and giggles when I went out to check on them.

I interrupted them and made them poke their heads out so I could get a picture. It was definitely against their will.

Then I start snooping around to see what all they have dragged into their tent. I see some binoculars.
Snacks are always a necessity with these two. They took out the markers and paper and a couple of cookie sheets to use as desk. There were a couple of pretend guns in there. Not sure how that is all tied together, but I think it was some kind of Army planning or something. It doesn't matter - they were laughing, playing, just being kids. Love it!

Makes my heart happy to know that summer is just around the corner and we can have lots of days of playing pretend with friends!

Good times.

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