Thursday, March 25, 2010

Priceless Moment

Last night at our house we were helping Chip prepare for his big oral presentation today on the Rain Forest Boa Constrictor. His second grade class has been researching their rain forest animal for weeks and he knows more about the Boa Constrictor than you ever want to hear. In fact, just don't mention the word snake around him - it will save you from having to hear about eating bats, being squeezed to death, feeling temperatures with tongues, etc. So although he could probably teach a college level class on the Boa, he has been a bit nervous about doing the oral presentation in front of the class. He knows the material backwards and forwards, but had decided it would help to write out cue cards to help him remember what he was going to say. He also made an awesome poster with a big snake and lots of interesting facts about the Boa that he was going to share with the class. All that was left to do last night was run through his speech a couple of times to make sure he had it down pat.

Our little family gathered around the kitchen table to be his practice audience and he went around the corner to compose himself. We are all offering encouraging words to him even though he is in the living room out of sight.

"Just relax and tell us all the cool things you learned about the Boa."
"Everyone in your class will have to do a speech too so just know everyone is a bit nervous."
"Be sure and tell us what your project is on before you jump into the information."
"Don't forget to look up and smile."
"Picture us in our underwear - that will make you smile!"

Lo and behold, that crazy kid comes around the corner completely naked. Not a stitch of clothes on his body. Nothing but his index cards in his hand and a big old smile on his face. Now, that will relax an audience!!

Just cracked us up!

After breaking the ice like that, the speech was a piece of cake! Let's just hope he doesn't try that at school today! I'll keep you posted!


  1. OMG!!! That is hysterical! I can't wait to see what Chip grows up to be.