Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Is In the Air

Today's weather was absolutely gorgeous!!! It definitely feels like Spring! I worked out in the yard for a couple of hours and filled up four garbage cans with leaves and yard debris. That was only the front - YIKES!!!

While I was out working in the yard I started to notice that things are starting to bloom.

My trumpet vine.

My mountain laurels! Smells like grape Kool-aid in my backyard.

Then I went and took some pictures of my girl Beth's family. Aren't they a good looking family?

It is so much fun to take pictures, especially of people you like so much!

And that like you enough to let you take pictures like this one.

So much fun!

Another tell tale sign that spring is in the air is that the bucket of baseballs is back out at our house!

Welcome Spring. I have missed you.

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