Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten Totally Random Tidbits

Ten totally random thoughts rattling around in my brain:

1) Chip has a cough and is doing every and anything to stay home in the mornings. Yesterday, it was up for debate until approximately 4 minutes until drop dead time to walk out the door and make it to school in time. Entire family, including Chip himself, Harold and daddy flew into action to pull Chip's stuff together and get him out the door. It was like a Chinese Fire Drill. As Chip was walking out the door he said "That was fun." It kinda was and I wish we could have video taped the four of us all screaming and running around barking orders and over exaggerating every accomplishment.

2) Yesterday, Harold was voted "Most Likely to be an Actor in 8th grade". Picture taken for the yearbook. He thought it was awesome.

3) Completely random statement made by Chip this weekend "Every time I go to Alabama for Christmas I want to watch the Jamaican Bobsled movie."

4) Rosie Cat turns 10 on Friday. Still pretty spry, but surely on the downward slide.

5) I was summoned for Grand Jury Panel duty. I already sent in my request to be excused. Keep your fingers crossed that it is accepted. I am not old or mature enough to sit on a Grand Jury Panel.

6) Sunday, Harold saw the preview for the next "Brothers & Sisters" where they say that Luke was apparently a porn star in his native country. Quality television I know - but the funny part was Harold looks at me and says "What's a corn star?" I said "Someone who grows really good corn."

7) I love coffee - really, really love it.

8) The next time I have my family all together I want a new family picture. Everyone together and wearing black. Slimming and cool.

9) Garage Sale is this weekend. I still have only one contribution to my walk this year. Fundraising not going well.

10) I had a roll from Bush's Chicken yesterday. Bread is the devil and I cannot get away from it.

I feel better, thanks for letting me purge.

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