Thursday, March 18, 2010

The "To Do" List

I thought today that I would post my "To Do" list for my two regular readers. Hey Mom and Dad!! Just want to give them a taste of what home improvement projects we might be tackling when they come for a visit next month:

1) Repair back fence slats that are loose
2) Lay stepping stones from back gate to driveway where the hose is
3) Paint Master Bedroom
4) New Curtains for Living Room

Others if there is time:

Cut down the vine that is on the back fence. I think it will be way hard and not sure the fence will stand up on its own without the vine. May need your onsite consultation before we attempt this one.

Guidance and help repairing that same stupid leak on the side of the chimney. I think we now have the flashing issue fixed with the new roof, so hopefully we could fix this one more time and be done for a long while!

I am going through all my recipes and will put together our menu for the week of your visit in a few days!

I found on old email Dad sent me from a past visit. Made me laugh so I thought I would throw it in here for your reading pleasure!

Request from Dad

I'm almost embarrassed to ask this favor, but can you ensure you have the following on hand when we arrive:

1. V8 Tomato juice. This helps protect against Prostate cancer

2. Banana's...not old with spots. The potassium helps prevent cramping and keeps brain cells alive

3. Mixed nuts.....the good kind with NO peanuts in them. This would be a big treat as I always have to buy the ones with peanuts because of our "Fixed Income" situation.

4. Miller Lite....A case will probably be good for the entire trip depending on how much pain I encounter. Would be nice if several were already cold when we arrive.

If I can think of anything else I will let you know. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding

The boys are all looking forward to some garage games and basketball competitions! Make sure you bring your back brace - they are making some crazy HORSE shots lately and I don't want you to get hurt! And, hauling and setting those stepping stones will not be for the weak and fragile!

To close this post out I am going to include this picture I ran across of the Godzilla City we put together in Harold's room many moons ago. That was certainly one of our more fun projects! Pretty sweet.

Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks!

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  1. Looks like a list we can knock off in a short period of time. We also are looking forward to the great meals you serve up. Please use the email I sent prior to our last visit to gather the small requested items making us happy campers.

    Tell the boys I will not be giving up the Driveway Champion Title easily. I'm ready for a game of Horse and Around The World. I hope they are in shape to take me on because they will need to be. See you soon