Thursday, March 4, 2010


How has it come to be that losing internet service is so disabling! I feel like a duck out of water without the internet! I am completely dependent on the internet to do my work and manage my personal life. Not having access is awful! I called Time Warner and the little recorded voice says “We are currently showing an outage in your area. Our technicians are working the issue and will have service back as quickly as possible. Our operators have no further information at this time.” In other words – We know about it. We are working it. Hang up the phone.

Of course, as soon as I lost internet connection my boss calls with an urgent work exercise that has to be done ASAP. ARRRGGGHHH! I sit and wait. Watching the modem deal thingy for my cable light to go solid meaning my connecting is back. Instead it just flashes at me slowly. Taunting me……not connected……not connected……not connected……not connected.

Is it like the old saying “A watched pot never boils” – “A watched cable light never goes solid.” I try unplugging the power and rebooting it several times. Still flashing.

I go distract myself with some laundry. Put away a few dishes. Check back on the light. Still flashing.

Give Time Warner another call. "We show an outage in your area...." Hang up, don't need to hear that again.

Staring at the light...oh, oh, oh, it is back on! Solid light! I’m plugged back in!!! Rock On!

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