Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vampires at Recess

Yesterday afternoon my sweet Chip walked out of school with a smile on his face and a pink piece of paper in his hand. I gave him a high five "It's Friday!!!" greeting and said "What is that pink piece of paper in your hand?" He looks at me and says "You are not going to like this."

Oh boy.

Turns out, Chip was sent to the principal's office for a little altercation that happened on the playground at recess.

Seems one of the boys in his class said he was a Vampire. Chip disagreed and told him vampires weren't real. The non-Vampire punched Chip in the neck. Chip punched the non-Vampire in the arm and back. Tears flowed. Teachers were told and those two boys were sent to the Principal's office for a firm talking to. Violence is not okay - there is always a better way to work out disagreements. The non-Vampire got a day of detention and 2 missed recesses for the intial hitting. Chip got 1 missed recess for retaliating. You do the crime, you pay the time.

Monday, I am sending Chip to school with garlic cloves around his neck.


  1. A boys got to do what a boy has to do. Especially when a Vampire attacks you. You go Drew.

  2. We have always told our kids that you can't throw the first punch, but you sure can take care of protecting yourself afterwards! Go Drew - no vampires will mess with you again! Just watch out for werewolves!